Dad won, Lise

Daughter Lise owns Birthday Month. Everyone who knows her has heard that she celebrates her birthday for a whole month. It was a family tradition, of sorts, because her grandfather’s patients brought him gifts for days before and after his birthday. She was the one who put a name to it, and it worked well, since her special day is near the middle of the month.

Sister Barbara and Thom stayed with us for a few days, then we drove to South Carolina to meet sister Chris and Steve. They had a surprise birthday celebration for John, since we won’t be together in September. That set a dangerous precedent. John now claims Birthday Season! The three posed for a sibling photo.

Chris, John, and Barbara

Barbara took what I think of as the official party photo of the birthday boy.

Birthday strings are attached!

The lighting wasn’t the best, but this one showed all of us.

When we got home, John agreed to pose with the pair of balloons that show his age, come September. He doesn’t agree with the number, though. At age 70 he started counting backwards, so he says he is approaching 11. He told grandsons David and Nathaniel that when he reaches age 2, he expects them to push him around in a wheelchair like he pushed them in strollers. I have yet to hear them agree to that.

Lise, you can still have your Birthday Month, but Dad beat you to Birthday Season.

27 thoughts on “Dad won, Lise

  1. What a fun post, and obviously, a fun day! And you found someone to take the picture so you could be in it, too–Yeah! (You are like me, always the photographer!) Here is to a wonderful “Birthday Season”! 🎂🎉

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  2. I like that, A “Birthday Season”! How wonderful that the three siblings got together. John is still a youngster. My Father-in-law turned 89 on Saturday and is in good health and spirits. I hope the balloons last until September.

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  3. How long before Lise comes back to claim Birthday year. I had my birthday in January but a cousin came last Friday to take me for a birthday lunch. How’m I doin’?
    Huge Hugs


  4. I still have the birthday balloon and cards up in our living room one full month after my birthday. While we didn’t have a birthday season as kids, we did celebrate our half-birthdays.


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