Logan’s Birthday Eve

We knew neighbor Logan was going to spend the day with us while his parents had appointments, but we didn’t expect him to walk to the creek with us. He left his house wearing slippers on his feet and caught up to us at the top of the street. We waited as he ran back home for shoes and rejoined us. He has an inventive mind, so a walk with him instantly becomes a fun adventure. Did I say walk? Logan hardly ever walks. Here is a video clip of his running down the steep hill. By running ahead and coming back, he easily doubles the mileage we walk.

Once at the creek, Logan found a stick that became his silent saxophone for a few moments.

Sadie loves to play with Logan, even though he tricked her to pick up a stick. She won, because she stopped him from throwing it into the stream.

On the way home, Logan slid down a banister. Life is more exciting when his feet are off the ground.

Former neighbor Connie was here for lunch while dog Albert was being groomed. We turned it into a birthday party for Logan. Connie was telling him about her gift as he opened it at the table.

Logan waited patiently for us to sing Happy Birthday to him before we cut the cake.

I thought he would tumble to the fact that we were celebrating his birthday as soon as he came in the house, because the balloon was on the kitchen counter before lunch. As John fixed it to his chair, he asked, “That’s for me?” He assumed it belonged to John, along with the huge balloons that showed 80 for his future birthday. We all enjoyed the pre-birthday party, and now Logan is 11 years old.

37 thoughts on “Logan’s Birthday Eve

    1. We moved here when Logan was 4. What a good memory you have! I had to count on my fingers.

      John will be 80 in September.

      Next month 87 for you! That is marvelous. Did you expect to live that long? Up until I was 20 years old, my dreams only included age 21. I had no vision for life as a grown-up. I’ll be 79 in December.

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      1. There were a group of us bloggers who came aboard the WordPress thing at about the same time, I started my blog in 2011, and did a lot of meeting of others in the the 2015/2016 area. A lot of us are still around.

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          1. I remember…your first blog entry that I recall was about the neighbor boy (his name has sllipped my mind) he was quite young the first time I heard his name. I think we were in a WordPress class together.


  1. How special that you could have that time together!!! Thanks for sharing!

    We are now in Maryland enjoying our time with Nils and family!



  2. There is nothing like a connection with “old people” for a kid is there? Charlie has befriended a three year old boy from down the street and his parents. Kane brings him little flowers and leaves them on the back deck when we aren’t home. Today he got to pick his first blueberries. I love how much Logan loves being himself with your family. I see the same joy in Kane.


  3. I can’t imagine Logan sitting still in school! Can you? He’s like a playful puppy, or colt! Never a dull moment with him, right? Cute kid!! P.S. – the dog is a bundle of energy, too!


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