Photographs of a Thank You

We were quite busy before Logan’s birthday, and we did not buy him a gift ahead of time. He had been visibly excited about playing the card game Set that daughter Lise showed him before she went back to Denmark. The day before his birthday, I told him that I would check with his parents. If no one was planning to give him the game, I would order it immediately. The package arrived a few days later. By then, his house was full of company – two aunts and a cousin. John saw the cousin outside playing and asked him to send Logan over. That is where this story begins.

John handed Logan the gift, which though wrapped, was not a surprise.

Logan turned to John to say thank you. Can you see the intensity in that straight back? He said the words clearly and with feeling. He couldn’t have practiced to say it more perfectly.

John nodded toward me as Logan was turning to repeat his thanks. Seeing the camera, he flashed a brilliant smile and posed with the game. Ah! A boy after my own heart! There were years of training behind that smooth, sincere expression of gratitude. Let’s have a round of applause for Shawn and Bob! Good job! Well done!

26 thoughts on “Photographs of a Thank You

  1. I feel so moved by this, Anne. Logan’s smile is wonderful, as is John’s. It just made me teary-eyed, but in joy at the incredible opportunities we have to invest in each other. In a time when it is so very easy to become discouraged, these stories and this relationship matters and reach beyond you and John and Logan and Shawn and Bob. Yes, a round of applause, and then an encore for all of you.

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  2. Following Logan’s relationship with you and John is a must for me. It reminds an old guy how there is hope for our culture as long as there are parents like Shawn and Bob. We seem to have a little bit of that going on with our next door neighbor’s boy. He’s 10 and most thoughtful. His father told me not long ago that he includes us in his nightly prayers. Humbling actually. You are most blessed to know Logan (and the frequency with which he shows up on your Blog tells me he carries that blessing back home with each visit.)


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