Blood Pressure

A routine visit to a doctor’s office brought unexpected laughter. The technician rolled the blood pressure machine in and slapped the cuff around my arm. It seemed to go through its program normally. She looked at the display and exclaimed, “All zeroes!”

I asked, “Does that mean I’m dead?”

“No!” she replied. IT’S dead!”

29 thoughts on “Blood Pressure

  1. That is funny. Well, this time, this post did show up in my feed, but I did not get an email notification even though I followed by email!! So weird. Glad it was just the machine that died! Happy Fourth!


  2. Glad to find you alive Anne. Happy Day After the Fourth. Today, and tonight, most of the events will take place in our area. Skipped the parade…no kiddies around to enjoy it with…might see the fireworks tonight.


  3. My BP WAS extremely low a few years back (it always runs low) and the nurse asked, “Are you dead??” to which I said, “Not that I know of”. She took it again and said, “Are you sure??”. LOL I’m glad everything turned out great for you!!


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