Talking to Sadie

Our grand-dog gets lots of attention. It struck me that we all have different ways of speaking to her. See if you can guess whether it is I greeting her or John, John $pencer, or David.

In a normal voice, “Whompers!”

Whispering, “Lady Sadie Sunshine. She was such a good dog, she was. Sadie-kins. What a sweet girl you are!”

In a low, conversational tone, “You’re on the bed again, dog.”

In a high-pitched, teasing manner, “Where’s my baby girl? Bug. Bug. Whompertown! You’re gonna get got!”

This is Sadie’s silent communication.

“You are going to give me something from your plate, aren’t you? I am being perfectly still. Not begging. Not wagging my tail. Just waiting. And waiting. And waiting.”

If you feel compelled to talk to Sadie, I’ll pass your message along.

27 thoughts on “Talking to Sadie

  1. Message to Sadie: Just chill, girl….they’ll grow out of it. They’ll figure-out you own the bed and their hearts!


    1. Thank you for your advice. I’ll do my best to chill, while wearing a black coat in the summertime. I’m making progress. John will talk directly to me in sentences now. He used to just shout “Down! Get down!”


      1. Ha ha … I think I told you before that aunt’s dog Apache would hear someone say the word “walk” (even if the word was not associated with taking him for a walk) and he’d run to the hall tree where his leash and collar were hanging.


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