Celebrating the Fourth of July

We went to church with Logan, because he was reading the lesson for the day at his church. We thought the way it was put in the service was lovely. Shawn came from the choir and joined Logan at the microphone. She led the congregation in prayer after he read the lesson.

Mid-afternoon, the neighbors met in the street for a cook-out. This photo includes everyone who was there. There was no favoritism, just a distant shot that showed no one to advantage. We had a wonderful time being able to mingle freely. It was the first time we had seen Frankie in over a year, because of COVID 19.

Frankie, John, Dawn, Jeff, David, Logan, Shawn, Bob

David and Logan played the card game Set, taking time out to eat a few bites. They hadn’t played against each other for weeks, and they were merciless. After the party broke up, they let me find a few sets in several games as they continued the fierce competition in our house.

After dark, Shawn and Logan brought chairs to our driveway and joined us to watch lovely fireworks set off by neighbors up the mountain. That was a lovely close to a very pleasant day.

22 thoughts on “Celebrating the Fourth of July

  1. I’m going to have to look up that game and see if I can find it to play with the grandchildren. They do look very focused as they play. I love the photo of Logan reading in church. Sweet!


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