John and grandson David had a thrill of a lifetime with Gil, a church friend. Having heard John talk about the train club in Tennessee, Gil offered to fly them down for a meeting. Fog was a concern until the last minute, but it was clear enough for them to take off. They flew around fluffy clouds and looked down on the mountains. The views were magnificent. John was impressed with how many huge homes were built high on the sides of mountains. Both liked seeing the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs along the ridges. Here are a few of the photos David took.

Asheville airport after takeoff
David’s view of the propeller
Mount Pisgah
David’s view of Gil’s area
Blue Ridge Parkway with an overlook near the wheel

Because of this special adventure, Gil was not with his wife Linda on her birthday. She told John not to change anything, since Gil promised to take her out both before and after her special day. They were free the day after, so we went out to lunch after church to celebrate.

Anne, Linda, and Gil
John and David

25 thoughts on “Airborne!

  1. I’m guessing the flight was more exciting than the actual train club meeting! But it looks scary, so I think I’ll keep my paws safe on the ground! Cool though.


  2. Well how fun was that and what an experience of a lifetime for John and David. I flew on a “puddle jumper” years ago when on vacation, but it was a wee bit bigger. Interesting peek we got of the flight thanks to David, the official photographer.

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