Sadie Takes Over

Grand-dog Sadie likes my bed, but up until now she has always slept with son John $pencer at night. She must have slipped out of his room in the wee hours. I woke to find her crowding my head.

Evidently she was comfortable, not moving when I got up to get the camera. She had pushed me to use only a third of the bed, taking the other two thirds for herself.

Is this a rant? By no means! It’s poking fun at people like me who indulge a beloved animal, even when it causes temporary discomfort.

20 thoughts on “Sadie Takes Over

  1. We bought our first king-sized bed because there was not enough room for me, Rand, and Jack, our best dog ever. Then, Rand bought a platform bed that was low so Kate could still get on the bed after she got so old she could not jump up on the other one any more. Yep, we will indulge our beloved animals. 🙂

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  2. Our dogs are very spoiled – treats, toys, walks (we even bought the farm partially because the dogs needed a place to run) the only thing they don’t get to do is sleep in the bed with us. They are fine with sleeping on their own bed next to us. Sadie is a lucky girl. 🙂

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  3. Dogs know an easy touch when they see one, seizing the opportunity to take over the bed or couch without feeling guilty. My friend Carol has written posts on Facebook about her one cat, who would sit and stare at her and her husband and if one got up and left the chair, the cat would immediately leap over there and take it over. 🙂

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