England 40 Years Ago — July 29, 1981

Royal Wedding Day in England! We didn’t see a bit of it, but found when we got back home that Thom had done a superb job of taping the whole thing for us. He had carefully planned the timing so that the major portion of the wedding itself is on one tape with other related bits collected on other tapes and meticulously labeled.

In Bergen we saw King Haakon’s Hall and went to an organ recital and service at the church where Grandpa Ellertsen had gone as a boy.

It was raining nearly all day long, but we kept going. We ate lunch at an outdoor museum of old Bergen and took the tour of the place with a German family. I liked the barber shop and dentist’s home. The waiting room for the dentist was his dining room, and the dental chair was in the living room. A great instrument of torture must have been the foot-powered drill.

The stave church felt as if it were at the top of a mountain – what a climb! It was a lovely little church.

John works with a woman in London whose niece was vacationing in Bergen. The girl, Trude, stayed with Lisa and Kate at our hotel while John and I ate at the Norsk Hotel. We had smoked salmon and a seafood casserole served in a shell with rice beside it.

The food was served so attractively all over Scandinavia; even simple sandwiches were beautiful. Cheese was swirled on bread, twists of lemon and cucumber topped things, and lettuce peeped out for a frill of green.

15 thoughts on “England 40 Years Ago — July 29, 1981

  1. I remember Royal Wedding Day. I got up early to watch the wedding live. Then I went to the hospital where my mother was recuperating from an aneurism and told her all about it. She so wanted to see the wedding on TV but she didn’t have a TV in her room. Fortunately I’m good with details and did a pretty good job of describing it to her, especially Lady Di’s dress.

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  2. I’m glad you’re seeing lovely places but I shall have to stop reading. Every time you talk about food I put weight on even when I don’t like it. I’m allergic to seafood and even that’s adding to my waist. My bed is somewhere in my office covered with all the new clothes I’m having to buy.
    Huge Hugs

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  3. I remember the Royal Wedding. I watched it before leaving for work. A fairytale wedding with a lot of pomp and circumstance and nothing like I’d ever seen before. I think my mom said the coronation of Queen Elizabeth was quite grand. As a Canadian, there would have been a lot of interest in that occasion. Just last week I saw they were auctioning off a piece of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake. I remember the stave church and its unique architecture as well.


      1. Yes, it was a great tour … Maupintour was the tour group and we had the same tour guide the entire time and for each country we had a bilingual tour guide so we were never really on our own. Our tour guide for the three weeks was American.


          1. It was very organized – I was pleased with it and I had a nice group of people in the tour group. There was another woman traveling solo and she was nice, so we often sat together, but in the tours I have taken where I was solo, people always invited me to sit with them or eat with them. I kept in touch with a lot of them after I got back, then just a Christmas card and nothing … it was before social media.


              1. You remember the old friend I connected with who I’d not seen since 1978? We spent about four or five hours catching up, I did a blog post about happenstance (a junk call which was really spam, but had her name and phone number on the caller I.D.). I sent her the blog post, she followed my blog and I never heard from her again. I’m kind of sorry I wasted an evening to be honest and I’m not going to reach out again. Had we had social media, I think we might all have stayed in touch.


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