Why I had to Wash my Hair

Did any of you have a Toni doll from the 1950’s? I copied this photo of an ad on the internet that shows the doll with setting lotion, a curler, and a comb. I had a doll like this, only mine had dark hair. I am amused now, because I disliked dolls. Not only that, my miserliness can be documented to the day I received this doll as a gift. I wouldn’t use the setting lotion because I wouldn’t spend money to get more. My mom read the label and said we could make our own lotion, because the listed ingredients were sugar and water!! Today I am appalled at that memory. From time to time we have infestations of ants in our kitchen. Can you imagine having a doll that might draw ants like a magnet??? I wouldn’t have taken a doll to bed, but some girls might have. Ugh! How totally disgusting!

Now for today’s story. I was gathering branches John had trimmed from the bushes near our back porch. It was tedious, since the branches were small and had been rained on. My head was so full of grumbles that I paid no attention to the hummingbird feeder. That is, I paid no attention until I began to straighten up right under the feeder. My head hit it, not once, but twice. Sugar water splashed onto my hair. You know what happened then, don’t you? I BECAME A LIVING TONI DOLL!


38 thoughts on “Why I had to Wash my Hair

  1. Okay, speaking of humor, you just made me truly laugh out loud. I did not see that one coming. Hopefully, no ants were nearby. I did not have a Toni doll, but I had my share of Toni perms, most of which I hated. 🙂
    I do still have my Revlon doll.

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      1. Well, truthfully, she was at Mother’s house along with all the porcelain dolls my mother made. I now have her, and 3 porcelain dolls Mother made as they had to be re-homed when Mother went to assisted living. I am not really a doll person since I outgrew playing with them, but I cannot seem to dispose of these…yet. 🙂


  2. That was funny!! I don’t remember having a Toni doll put I knew about them. I had lots of Toni perms when I was little. I prefered Teddy bears over dolls. I still have three of them.

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  3. Oh this is a good story. I vaguely remember the existence of Toni dolls, like I knew older girls who had played with them. As for ants, ICK! Don’t like them, sorry this happened to you. But I am laughing.

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  4. I remember Toni’s both the dolls and the perms. I am amazed at the lengths (and pain) we went to to make our hair behave different. It’s one thing I like about now. People usually wear their hair the way it is. My granddaughters (age 15 going on 30) just let it dry naturally and it’s beautiful. I, on the other hand, used Dippity Doo goop and gigantic rollers with lots of hairspray.

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  5. Pin curls…or spit-curls…I once got ready to go to a formal dance in 20-minutes…starting with pin-curls in my hair. I don’t remember the Toni doll, but I sure remember perms. One of my least favorite, it was like torture to sit in a chair and get the perm, with all that dripping of foul-smelling liquid chemical stuff. Yuck.

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  6. Oh…now Im see ants every where when thinking about the sugar water. Ants do give me fits every now and then…like the other day when I had made a cake, for the first time in along time,and by morning the little sugar ants had found it on the counter…Ugh

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  7. I hope you made it up to the poor Hummingbirds Anne. I can’t help but wonder if all the little bottles in the set were just filled with Sugar Water, and then the firm charges an arm and a leg for refills. I’m glad you didn’t dry rock solid before you could reach the shower.
    Huge Hugs


  8. I do not remember Toni dolls, but remember the Toni perm, but later in life. My mom washed my hair on Saturday afternoons and put it into pincurls and she did use some type of setting lotion as my hair dried. So when the bobby pins came out, I was supposed to look pretty for Sunday School, but looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket most of the time. 🙂


          1. My last year of high school, a friend of the family, who was a hair stylist, wanted to give me a perm for my stick-straight long hair. She brought all the fixin’s to the house and I have no idea what she did, or how she made a living, but when the perm event was done, one side was frizzy and the other side didn’t “take” – I was very unhappy about it and until the perm grew out I had to have orange-juice size curlers to dry my hair (with a bonnet-style dryer in those days) and the other side, a mass of tiny sponge curlers.


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