Wrapping up a Marvelous Visit

The highlight of the day featured low light on one of daughter Kate’s last days here. John, Kate, grandson David, and I went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway hoping to catch a gorgeous sunset. It was far from spectacular, but we used our phones/cameras, anyway.

This was my best shot.

There is only one photo from the most fantastic day of Kate’s visit. Son John $pencer took her and David to Lake Logan, where they went out in two canoes. $ was the only one with a phone, because the other two were not willing to risk their new phones on the water. Wise move. There isn’t much to show for their exciting adventure, but their memories are stellar.

A morning walk is exciting enough for us older folks. Thankfully, the animals came out to greet Kate to add sparkle to the morning.

Kate pets CAT
Smoky says hello to Kate

We shopped at two stores that Kate does not have in New Jersey and went on the parkway once more in daylight. The night seemed short, because all too soon she was in her car going home. The drive will take 14 or 15 hours. We have wonderful memories of her week’s visit, the only regret being that we live so far away.

19 thoughts on “Wrapping up a Marvelous Visit

  1. Sounds like it was a happy memory week for all involved. That’s a long trip home for one person to make. Boy – I know I couldn’t do it, so kudos to Kate for doing that. Blue Ridge Mountains certainly look blue in your second photo.


  2. My daughters all live within an hours drive from us but it seems this year the visits have been few and far between. They are busy with jobs, spouses, kids, friends and doing what young people do. Like you we cherish the time spent together and the memories made.


  3. What a great time you all must have had! It’s always hard to say, goodbye for now, see ya next time, but all of us with grown kids have to. Enjoy the memories made!


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