England 40 Years Ago — August 8, 1981

Breakfast in the hotel in Copenhagen was a buffet of cold cuts, cheeses and tasty Danish pastries – the real thing!

We were staying near the palace and walked by to see the guards walking. Every quarter hour they click their heels, fold their arms across their chests to hold their guns, and stroll around. They don’t have the rigid discipline of the English guards.

Royal Palace
Palace Guard
Kate at a guard station

A ride in a harbor boat brought us to the little mermaid statue.

Little Mermaid seen from tour boat
Our Mehrmaid with the Little Mermaid

On the walk back to the hotel we saw old row houses built for seamen in the 1600’s. [Lise said this was near her bus stop when she worked in a building near the Little Mermaid.]

European cities have public toilets galore and places to buy expensive sodas on every other corner, but no water fountains! We got so thirsty walking around on dry, hot days, but didn’t want to lug heavy water around all the time.

We found an ad for a 100% Danish restaurant that welcomes children and was within walking distance. There was even a children’s menu! – unheard of in England at a good restaurant. Kate chose chicken; Lise, beef, and John and I fried fish. His had Bearnaise sauce, and I had the sauce with shrimp and asparagus again.

Birds were on the table when we sat down; their calling cards prompted us to request cleaning of the tablecloth. The waiter solved the problem to HIS satisfaction by cheerfully turning the dirty cloth over.

14 thoughts on “England 40 Years Ago — August 8, 1981

  1. You did get to all the best spots didn’t you Anne? I had a close-up of the guard and watched him not move a muscle and I mentioned before to you that I was amazed how small The Little Mermaid was when I actually saw her. The crowd watching her was like the day I saw her – a big tourist attraction, maybe the most famous in Denmark then and now. I like how you had ” Mehrmaid” – very clever.


    1. I was shocked, too, at the small size of the Little Mermaid. Lise’s office was a short distance away from that site. She now works for the part of the company that was sold off, and she walks to work. Couldn’t be nicer!

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      1. Whenever you see the Little Mermaid in travel brochures, it is up close so you just assume. Walking to work is great – the exercise benefit and never have to worry about a bad-weather commute.


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