DIY Eyeglasses

I didn’t know where to start when the eye surgeon mentioned readers. Many people buy them when their eyes can no longer focus to read. I was going to be in limbo for a while, with eyes that were set for distance vision. The old glasses were no longer usable, and I couldn’t see to read. John helped me pick out two pair. He could read the magnification, and I tried on several before choosing plain readers and sunglasses with bifocals for reading. At Dollar General, they were VERY affordable. Several days later I checked the internet for information. had a chart to print (found here). Great! I had picked out the right ones. It would have been much easier if I had known what I was looking for.

Readers are probably not a long-term solution for me, because I think my eyes are different. Right now I see only a blur with one eye, anyway. Until the doctor says it’s time to get glasses, these will be a valuable crutch for daily living. Now, if I only had an automatic toothbrush loader, I could breeze through that cleaning routine!

29 thoughts on “DIY Eyeglasses

  1. The important thing is to find the options that work best for you in consultation with your doctor. That helped my mother maintain vision, and it has worked for me thus far. You are right, DIY is a crutch, not a solution. Now, about that toothbrush loader…I do not have an answer other than squirt it directly into your mouth…right?

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  2. Congratulations on getting exactly what you need for now, especially the bifocal sunglasses which should be very useful. Maybe they’re what you need to bring your toothbrush into focus for loading. If not, try lining your toothbrush along the middle finger of your non-dominant hand (hold in place with your thumb) and just squeeze where you can feel the bristles with your dominant hand.
    Huge Hugs

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  3. I had to try readers when I could no longer see properly with my contact lenses. I saw a contact lens specialist beginning in 1974 when I first began wearing hard contact lenses. I graduated to Boston Rigid Gas Permeable lenses which allowed your eyes to breathe. I liked them, then suddenly I had issues seeing things clearly. The contact lens practitioner suggested readers and gave me a range of magnifications to try – none of them worked. I called him and he gave me a new range. To see my wristwatch (something critical for someone who commuted to work by bus) was a real challenge. I tried buying a watch with huge digital numbers, rather than a traditional wristwatch with slash marks that marked the hours. Despite having long arms, I still couldn’t see it and resorted to carrying a small clock around with me. Time to change contact lenses and I went to “monovision” which was one contact for close-up and one for far away and it worked like a charm! I threw away the readers as no one I knew needed them at the time.


      1. No, I stopped wearing contact lenses when I stopped working on site. I just started wearing my glasses full time instead. I tried to wear glasses on Sundays to give my eyes a rest, so had a recent glasses prescription.
        My eye doctor is trying to convince me to go to disposable lenses as he says it is cheaper in the long run than eyeglasses. My lenses are thick because I’ve worn glasses since age seven, but I get them beveled down, plus an anti-glare blue coating on them, which adds some more to the cost. I was tempted to return to contacts due to mask fogging though.


    1. I’m beginning to get used to not seeing well. I thought I would have to go to a neighbor’s house today to get someone to read the instructions for heating a frozen pizza. David chose that for our dinner today, but he won’t be home until midnight. I looked at all the edges of the box and couldn’t read anything, even with readers. Finally saw the instructions on the front — large enough for me to read without any aids. Did I have to start the hard way???

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            1. I wouldn’t want anything around my neck in hot weather, but that’s a good idea for autumn. We went to Dollar Tree today. I bought three more pairs of readers for $1 each. Blogger Rooster said he scatters them all around his house.

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