What Sadie Missed

I slept through the Johns’ leaving at 4:30 in the morning, though Sadie must have said goodbye to John $pencer. He was flying to Washington state to celebrate Rose’s birthday. Sad-sack Sadie was moping at 7:00.

I said brightly, “Want to go Sadie? Come on. Let’s go for a walk!”

No, thank you. Not today.”

“We’ll just go to the stop sign and come right home.”

“I am staying right on this bed to mope.”

“Let’s go walking! It will be great!”

“Look at my face. I’m giving you the Stink Eye. Please go away.”

Eat your heart out, Sadie. Look what you missed on the road – two pieces of pepperoni pizza!

Sadie did not see through Holly’s roof like I did. I sat on the porch to savor the cool morning and saw tree branches on the other side of the house through the dormer window. My one eye told me something my brain refused to believe. There is no second floor, and all you’d see through the dormer window are roof tiles.

The camera insisted on showing you where the branches really were – attached to a tree in the front.

Sadie knew I was looking at something near the window on the porch. She wandered over when I pointed the camera down at it.

I took the spider’s view at its eye level. The spider was looking at the window, with the reflection of the porch in front of it. Those were the last few seconds of its life.

Sadie finally saw the spider and wanted to eat it. My garden shoes went into action, clapping the critter senseless. Sadie still wanted it, so I scraped its remains into a crack between the boards. There! We didn’t have to find a vet for emergency treatment! By 9:00 I’d had enough excitement for four mornings.

30 thoughts on “What Sadie Missed

  1. Poor Sadie, in mourning and you want to go walkabout. Could she trust your one eye to see you safely there and back? And then to top it all you go and squash her breakfast. What a sad day for her.
    Huge Hugs

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    1. Poor Sadie. Tonight she gets very still and listens intently, hoping to hear John $ coming in. She stayed close by me all day and will sleep on my bed tonight. David won’t come in from work until after midnight

      Sad Sadie Hugs

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  2. Sadie, Steffi and Abby send condolences. They have been a bit out of sorts this last couple of weeks, too, what with strangers in the house and the disruption of their routine expectations. May you have a slightly better day each day until John $ is back. Take care of GrandAnne in the meantime.

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    1. Thank you, Steffi and Abby. I’ve had a hard day. I really miss John $, and David hasn’t been around to play with me, either. I had a lovely breakfast, though. I didn’t know Anne had drizzled bacon grease on my food, and I wouldn’t go near it. She coaxed me toward the bowl, and then I ate it all up. I’d still rather have John here. I hope your household settles down so that you can get the attention you deserve.


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      1. Thanks, Sadie. We females have to stick together, and good for Anne for spiking your food. Da Rando puts yogurt on ours. 🙂
        It will be just us dogs and our humans until the sink and appliances come in next week, so we are pretty happy tonight. Love to you and your humans.


    1. $ will be gone a long, long, long week! Sadie thinks she’s going to die if he doesn’t return tomorrow. I hope she’ll agree to go walking with me in the morning. I played a blanket game with her tonight, but it wasn’t enough exercise. You obviously understand dog-think. I hope you are right that Sadie will perk up in a day or so. Poor thing.


  3. Well you have captured “Sad Sadie” perfectly. She’ll mope until she realizes it’s just you while David is at work. My boss has an expression when we get a new client who has “shopped around” before calling him … he’ll say “glad to see you resorted to the last mule in the stall.” I’d walk away if someone said that to me, but I digress. Sadie missed some delicious-looking pizza slices. I wouldn’t have waited to see if Sadie wanted to play with that spider and after hyperventilating a little, would have done something to kill it. And yes, it might have bit her. I had a centipede in the bathtub a week or so ago – it was big enough to go to work. I knocked it down with a paper towel cardboard which was handy after I unrolled half the roll of paper towels in case I couldn’t flush it down the drain. I swiped it off the side of the tub, then ran the hot water and down it went to the Detroit River. But, just in case spiders, like cats, have multiple lives, I put a plastic drinking cup over the drain in case it made an encore visit. Ugh!


    1. I’m proud of you for getting rid of that centipede. This morning Sadie wouldn’t even lift her head off the bed when I asked her to go walking. She is mourning for $. One slice of pizza was still on the road this morning!

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      1. Thank you – the adrenalin was flowing. When I go to bed at night, I put my moccasins on an old three-legged chair I used to use at my computer – it is about three feet tall, not that a spider or centipede couldn’t shimmy up the leg(s) and climb into my moccasins. And you said John $ is gone about a week – well, Sadie has a stubborn streak for sure. I hope your black bears don’t return for that last slice of pizza.


          1. I’m surprised the birds don’t peck at it – here it would be seagulls all over it. People leave food wrappers with food in it at Council Point Park’s parking lot and the seagulls gathered and plunder what’s there.

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  4. Hi Anne, I hope your eyes is improving. I’ve been mia lately from blogs. My parents have some health issues that are really taking a toll on me at this time. I’ll try to get back more often. I miss my blogging friends.


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