Document, Then Write

I took a photo of the crime (?) scene. You’ll notice no yellow tape and no inert body.

A few minutes before, I reached for the alarm and found myself falling out of bed. On the way down, I said to myself, “Falling! Nothing to grab! Don’t break a bone!” THUD!

No “out of order” reports came from bones. I wanted to crawl back in bed, but bed was five levels above where I was. Crawling wouldn’t work. Sadie came to the edge of the bed and questioned with her eyes, “What did you do that for? Are you trying to make me go for a walk?”

“You can fall all over yourself, but I am NOT walking with you!”

Because I get up off the floor once a day, that was not a problem. I followed my daily routine – doing stretching exercises, a short resistance band workout, and walking a mile. My reasoning? I wanted to keep the blood cells rushing around so they couldn’t take a collective nap on my shins. Rehashing the event, I blamed it on the bed topper. I think it shifted, and there were three inches hanging over a column of very thin air. No support there!

Did I learn anything from this? Yes, I don’t scream; I whimper in the middle of an accident. Although David has excellent hearing, he will know nothing of what beFELL me. My first reaction was to look for dents from the acciDENT. I had to move to keep this moving experience from being lethal. The fun part was writing this in my head. Now I’m going to DEADhead the roses so I don’t STIFFen up.

41 thoughts on “Document, Then Write

  1. Well, good grief, Anne! I am so happy you didn’t break anything-you must have healthy bones! I’m glad you keep your sense of humor about it all! I take it David doesn’t read your blogs? That’s ok, my family rarely read mine either! That’s why I love my blogger community 😍


    1. I am one step below osteoporosis, but I take calcium pills. I don’t know whether David reads my posts or not. I sent him a link for this one because I thought he’d laugh about it. I’m grateful for all comments, since my family, like yours, rarely gives feedback.

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        1. My family is mostly not interested. They are all used to my writing about them. They also know they can stop something immediately by asking me not to write about a specific incident.

          When Lise was a teenager, she said, “I could be severely killed.”. As soon as it left her mouth, she told me I couldn’t write about it. A day later she came to me and said I could publish it. She felt it was too funny to be squashed. It is part of our family lore now.

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  2. Aw, leave it to you to make light out of a lousy experience. Once when I was alone I fell on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building, and I could not for the love of me get up! My knees are hopelessly useless due to past falls; I think the patellas are cracked and/or bruised, so they can’t support me. I managed to sit up, and felt ridiculous. Did I mention I was sitting on ice – which is why I fell in the first place? Luckily a couple of ladies – Russian immigrants with heavy builds! – saw me, came over and hauled me up! I thanked them profusely! At least you fell next to your bed…? Ay yi.


    1. I was stunned that I fell out of bed, but it really wasn’t bad.

      I shouldn’t have giggled, but I could imagine your sitting on ice and not being able to get up. I don’t think I could have gotten up by myself in that situation, either. Thank goodness for the Russian ladies!

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  3. When I first got my current bed, it was so much higher with the box spring than the regular springs. I really didn’t like it as I was sure I’d fall out as I often slept on the edge – no reason; I wasn’t sharing the bed with “a Sadie” and is a double bed. I would like to have seen the look on your case when you tumbled out – glad nothing was broken!


    1. At my next wellness visit, when they ask if I’ve fallen in the last year, I’m going to ask for a definition of falling. Do they mean when you were upright and then suddenly on the floor? In that case, the answer is no, I haven’t fallen.


  4. Phew! Glad you’re okay, Anne and enjoyed your play on words within words! I’ve had the same happen on the bed (which has a topper) in Sweden when we are there on holiday – the topper slides during the night and a very shocking awakening as I crash onto the floor!


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