John’s Eleventh Birthday

John was a history major, not a mathematician, so the way he calculates his age differs from most. At age 70, he decided he would count backwards, starting at 21. He is now eleven years old, although most of us think he is 80.

Here are two photos of the celebration his sisters had for him in June.

Barbara, Anne, Thom, Steve, Chris, John
Barbara, John, Chris, Steve, Thom

Then there was the cake on his birthday.

The Gray-shirts — David, John, John $pencer

It was followed the day after with a visit from my brother Bob and Beth.

Thank you to all of them and you who called, emailed, and texted. He enjoyed all the quiet attention and feels he has been properly launched into his eleventh year.

Happy Birthday, John!

22 thoughts on “John’s Eleventh Birthday

  1. I’ll celebrate with him as long as he promises to start counting up again when he hits zero or one. 🙂 Don’t want that being the end of him.


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