A Tale for Shawn

It wasn’t until I was telling John the story two days later, that I knew I needed to write it for Shawn. Neighbor Holly and a relative had come to sit on the porch with me for a little while. Neighbor Logan heard our talking and came across the street to show us some of his Pokemon cards. That in itself was something, that a boy of 11 would want to join our conversation.

After a short while, he said, “I’m going home. I’ll tell Mom you are out here so she can come and join you.”

It sounded so matter-of-fact that I didn’t get the importance of it right then. An eleven-year-old boy was thinking of his mother and knew she would love to be there talking with us! Not only that, he said it aloud and acted on it! What an extremely thoughtful thing that was! You can see why we stay impressed with Logan. You are doing a marvelous job of raising him, Shawn and Bob.

17 thoughts on “A Tale for Shawn

  1. I also think it’s adorable that he took the time to hang out with you for a bit before getting the mom 🙂 My kids got me into playing Pokemon on my last visit to Utah. Now I even have the game on my computer. It can get surprisingly challenging. Only took them 20 years to get me interested. haha Yay for persistence.

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  2. When I was young I spent a lot of time around adults which I suspect Logan does too. I always viewed it as a good thing and from what you write about Logan, It has had positive effects on him too.


  3. Every now and then an adolescent emerges in your world like a tsunami of unselfish consideration. It’s not that often, considering pre-adults usually don’t even want to tie their own shoelaces. But Logan’s other-centered surprises you’ve posted are refreshing. (Not enough to make us want to have more kids…would have to do that in the nursing home…even Logan’s cheerful energy couldn’t induce that labor!)


  4. I think Logan is very polite and I have always attributed it to being an only child. I am as well and people think that kids who grow up without siblings are spoiled brats … maybe some but I think they relate to adults better and are more mature. Logan is a great example!


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