Lovely Autumn Weekend

It was neighbor Bob’s birthday and a time of lovely colors and solid freezes. I took a photo of Bob and Shawn’s burning bushes from our deck, as well as frozen roses in our garden.

Happy birthday, Bob!

We hadn’t seen grandson Nathaniel in ages. On Sunday, John, David, and I drove to Charlotte and had dinner with him and friend Sarah at the restaurant of his choice. Sarah is from North Carolina and is studying hotel management. Conversation was lively and so much fun. The portions were generous, but that didn’t stop every one of us from cleaning our plates.

John, David, Sarah, and Nathaniel

To prolong our visit, Nate chose a public park with a steam engine for us to walk and talk. The engine shows behind us in the distance, and there is a quick shot of John and David looking closely at it. I asked Sarah if anyone in her family had unusual interests. Without throwing anyone under the bus, she said one is obsessed with Legos and another is restoring an old car. Would you have an easy answer for people in your family?

We sat at a picnic table to chat until we were chilled. The observer behind us was a great blue heron, which flew away when a small child ran toward it.

My favorite photo of the bunch was not particularly good, but it showed enthusiasm and joy in the moment of Sarah and Nathaniel.

30 thoughts on “Lovely Autumn Weekend

    1. We miss eating Nathaniel’s cooking. He told us yesterday that he plans to come for three or four days for Thanksgiving. If he wants to cook, I’ll gladly let him. The weekend is going to be hectic, though. Our daughter from Denmark will be here several weeks, and our son is planning to move across the country in December. Whatever happens, we will have a glorious time.

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        1. Friend Rose moved to Washington for family reasons. Both she and $ love it out there, so he is planning to move when the season is over at the resort where he works. Sadie will go with him. I will miss my nap partner and plate licker.

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    1. Two of our siblings have 7 and 11 grandchildren. We have only 2, and we pour all our granding love and attention on them. I know your heart grows bigger and bigger the more grandchildren you have. We might LOOK better if we spread ourselves thin, but there is no need.

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  1. Ahhh, Nathaniel has met someone special – that’s nice, a fellow student that shares similar interests. I wonder how he fits a relationship in, as well as school and his campus job. Youth! We had all that energy once upon a time too. That’s a pretty park that Nathaniel picked to gather and walk down the meal. He knew John and David would be interested in that steam engine. The fire bushes are beautiful – mine, as old as they are don’t do anything except stay green. The ones in the backyard were planted in 1967 and are huge, but don’t have this beautiful color. I like frozen roses. I took pictures of mine a few years ago, with ice dripping off the buds and petals.


  2. Love the pics of the family. My soap making would probably be considered an unusual interest in our family along with our bee keeping. Also I would think of my nephew who does animal search and rescue. He bought a drone that he uses to help people find their lost animals.


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