New View of an old Cookbook

On Sunday I was concerned about hanging three things about my ears – mask, glasses, and hearing aids. John arranged for me to hide in the balcony to avoid having to wear a mask. For the last few months, I was able to follow the service and see the hymns using cheap reading glasses. I couldn’t see anything close without them, and the world tilted if I looked up. They were on and off my face constantly. That worked well until I added hearing aids. Without my realizing it, the wire tangled with the glasses, digging a hole in the ear. Pain! The throbbing continued to increase after I put the glasses away. Thankfully, it receded so that I could enjoy the afternoon with grandson Nathaniel and Sarah.

Glasses are out now until the hole heals. In order to refer to a recipe, I put a page-magnifying sheet on two plastic containers, with the cookbook flat on the counter. This was even better than pulling glasses on and off. I could read the amounts without touching anything.

The cookbook is 57 years old and also feeling its age. I’m glad I’m not literally falling apart, as it is. Still, we are both somewhat useful, and with care, will last a few more years.

54 thoughts on “New View of an old Cookbook

      1. They are as bother. Especially with the safety goggles and hard hat that I used to have to wear for construction site meetings. I don’t know how people stand having to wear them to work on sites all the time. Even if you have prescription safety goggles, the hard hat would Knoch them out of kilter all the time.


          1. Lol. They are not much of a fashion statement either. But seriously, I think they must be horridly uncomfortable for anyone to wear twelve or thirteen hours a day. I have so much respect for the people who work on sites or in plants like my husband does. ( A steel pant).


                  1. I am surprised about the swimming. My husband has any number of joint issues after years of playing hockey and raquetball. The one place he feels good is in the water. It is nice that your son can still hike.


      1. don’t you dare allow them to be thrown out Anne! Get them rebound in secret and have them given as a legacy gift after you pass.
        Every time they create something from your book it’ll be like they are visiting with you!
        These things mean more after we are gone.


  1. Oh Anne, your dilemma has helped me. I never thought of a page magnifier for cookbooks. I also take reading glasses on and off, and when I have them on a string they sometimes do end up giving me sore ears because of the bulk of it all. I’m glad this worked for you, and I will be looking for a magnifier to keep in the kitchen.


      1. I was 16 at the time. I was a cover-maker, standing over a giant glue roller, which put glue on the inside of the fabric cover, then moved along a table to put the cardboard (front and back) on the cover, and sealed the edges. It was a fun job for a young girl. 🙂


            1. That is wonderful. When I was that age, I played the organ for a tiny church that was one block from my church. Their service was early, so I walked to mine where my mom was the organist. I haven’t thought of that in ages.

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  2. An inventive solution indeed! Nowadays I take a photo of a recipe with my iPad and I can then enlarge the recipe as needed. As other readers have experienced, varifocals only work well so far … then the blurriness.


  3. That worked very well! Somewhere there is a page magnifier (8 1/2 X 11 inches) that I bought for my mom and she used it for recipes out of magazines mostly. I should look for it now by the look of this house. As to the hole in your ear, take care of it as I got metal poisoning from my wire glasses not fitting properly and wearing a ridge on the top of one ear. I got thin wire eyeglasses while in high school and went to a football game. Our team won a point or did something great and someone cheered and their arm or hand hit my glasses knocking them off. The lenses didn’t break, but when I put them on, they were a little off-kilter. I straightened them out, (or so I thought), and when I began working at the diner, I had to wear my hair pulled back, something I never did before. The weight of my hair pulled over the misshapen “arm” of the frame caused the “arm” to dig in. It made a cut which got infected and my mom made me go to the doctor for it – he gave me a blood test and I had metal poisoning from the frame digging in.


  4. I can so relate, Anne! I miss wearing pierced earrings because of mask & glasses & hearing aids – it’s all too much and tangled up! So I forego the earrings, but look at them longingly from afar every day… sniff…


  5. Anne, how resourceful you are with the cookbook to avoid the glasses. Yesterday, I went to the local art museum nearby for their annual quilt exhibition. Exhibitors from around the world had the most exquisite colors and techniques on display. My head still swims with ideas and colors. Yes, the mask too. Fortunately we do not wear them at church to sing. I enjoyed the post and have empathy for all the things on and around ears. Tangles galore sometimes. Thank you. oxox


      1. We have done so since Feb. 2020. Imagine that! I did an Anne at the Dr.’s office just now and pulled the head band forward and off came that cloth thingy in my hand. Young nurse said to just leave it off. It’s not nice to give older people so many things to contend with at the same time. Haha. oxox


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