COVID Test Negative

The day after John and I had our COVID booster shots, he had chills. We thought this was a reaction, even though he had not had a reaction from the other two jabs. During the day he developed symptoms of a head cold that worsened for several days. He felt so miserable that he went to the doctor, who treated him for a bacterial infection and swabbed his nose to test for COVID. Two days later the result was in – negative. Whew! Lise is coming from Denmark to visit, and the virus could have wrecked our plans. I realize millions of people around the world had plans disrupted, many permanently. We are grateful for this great favor.

Meanwhile, I continued to walk with Sadie in the morning. This quirky tree, one I have walked past for seven years, seemed to be grinning at me.

John was waiting at home for results of the COVID test, so David and I drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trees were past peak, but the scenery is always beautiful, no matter what the season. As the sun went down, it shown on a mountainside and high-lighted the clouds. It was about that time John texted us, letting us know his personal COVID cloud was not a threat.

32 thoughts on “COVID Test Negative

  1. So glad to hear the test was negative! I am going for my booster shot and hopefully flu shot as well tomorrow. I may feel a bit rough for a couple of days but definitely worth it to dodge something worse this winter.


  2. Anne, great news that John’s test was negative and the visit from Lise can go ahead. Hope he’s feeling much better soon. Oh, the mountain view is glorious and uplifting, what an incredible place to visit and walk.


  3. Great news on the negative test. My husband had a bad reaction to his second shot back in April, mine was mild. I am scheduled for my booster shot Wednesday morning and left my day clear, just in case. Glad especially for your upcoming visit from Lise. Blessings, Michele


      1. Ha Ha. by the way, Donna and I continue writing. I am so grateful because we had both hit snags a nd slow downs. We have a long way to go but our collective time and prayer together continue to bear fruit.


  4. I’m glad John was negative for Covid after the shot. We know several people who have had Covid after the first and second shots. I think it’s a crap shoot really. What a lovely view in that last image. Heaven on earth!


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