Helping Older Folks

It’s marvelous to have daughter Lise here to help me. She laughed when I said I’d lost my eyebrows, and she quickly found a solution. My eyebrows didn’t matter at all when I was wearing glasses all the time. People probably assumed I had brows, but mine blended in with my skin. I thought a brow pencil would be the answer, but what color should it be? I am no longer brown-headed, and black would be overkill. Lise found taupe. It seemed perfect to me, forgetting that I couldn’t see to apply it. She bailed me out over the weekend, and grandson David recorded the event for us.

When we were at a restaurant later, David thought it was amusing that the only people at the table looking at their phones were the old folks. Brother Bob and I were comparing apps for hearing aids. I set mine to mute sounds behind me, but I couldn’t hear any change. He thought he didn’t have such a setting, but he found one named “restaurant”. He heard a difference instantly. Our voices were clearer, and the ones behind us faded away.

Lise found a cart for me to use in the kitchen, and she and John put it together. Our freezer is always so full, making it hard to find things. I had been pulling a chair over to pile food on it while looking. This is going to be much easier and kinder to the fingers.

Like most older people, we try to be self-sufficient. It’s marvelous to have younger ones who see problems and solve them.

49 thoughts on “Helping Older Folks

  1. About the old folks and phones….had that same experience not too long ago…4 seniors staring at phones…3 millennials talking with each other. What has this world come to?


  2. Your brows look lovely! Very natural. How cool about the app. I had no idea there was a restaurant setting. And brilliant on the kitchen shelves. Very informative post!


  3. You are looking good Anne! And yes the younger generation is a blessing. I know what you mean about needing a cart while digging stuff out of the freezer!. I end up with the floor full of stuff and I have learned to wear a pair of gloves while digging around for things.


  4. So beautiful share your eyebrows maintain. How your problem solve Lisa? What did use ? So pretty your photo sitting in hotel . Nice post. I like.


    1. Lise bought me an eyebrow pencil to darken my gray brows. We were sitting in my brother’s living room when she used it on me. I still haven’t tried it myself. I have two weeks to learn before she goes back to Denmark.

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  5. You look so young and vibrant, Anne! It’s amazing what a little touch here and there can do – I too use a light brown eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas. Less seems to be more as we age. A good face oil is my best friend these days!


  6. I have no noticeable eyebrows. I try to pencil them on, to varying degrees of success. Your kitchen cart looks sturdy. So nice that Lise is home for a while, and making herself useful! 😉


      1. Yes but she has been coming 2 to 3 times a year. So now we can make a honey do list for her. On her last trip she helped her dad put up a ceiling storage unit in the garage. Dan’s not so good on ladders these days.


  7. I love glasses because they hide a multitude of sins. Not only vanishing eyebrows but bags under the eyes. Now that post-cataract surgery I only need reading glasses, I mainly go naked-eyed. What to do?


    1. Yes! I noticed bags under the eyes, too.

      I haven’t solved the reading glasses thing yet. There are five pairs scattered around the house, but never right where I need them. I’ve avoided hanging them around my neck.


  8. Some good ideas there, Anne! I will definitely look for that restaurant setting on my phone and I could use one of those carts. Trying to rotate new foods into our freezer is beyond challenging.


  9. Anne, I’ve never had much in the way of eyebrows, and now even less…pencils are great. My husband has beautiful brows, and thankfully, sons, grandsons and grand-daughters didn’t inherit my brows, but have his beautiful thick, dark brows.


  10. I’m ashamed to say it’s been years since I applied any makeup – when I started working from home, the first thing to go was contact lenses, then makeup. I am not a natural beauty and I believe everyone’s looks can be enhanced with a little makeup. I strongly suspect part of my issue with having to return again for my illegible fingerprints was my green card picture. I wore a little lipstick, but no makeup, my hair in a bun on top of my head and the picture was in black-and-white. I look like a criminal! The color suits you for your eyebrows – it must be nice not wearing glasses, just readers, now. No mask fogging them up either.


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