Our Thanksgiving celebration began when we drove to Charlotte to get grandson Nathaniel. Friend Sarah went out to eat with us before she drove to her home for the holiday.

Lise, Nathaniel, Sarah, and John

At our house, we had the ritual of the mirror.. As Nathaniel pretended it was very heavy, Lise helped him lift it. Nate puts the mirror high when he comes and lowers it on leaving.

First up on Thanksgiving morning was prepping the turkey. Son John $pencer provided the bird, and chef Nathaniel agreed to cook it. When it was ready for the oven, Nate posed with it. We all liked his pajamas, so David labeled the photo, “Turkey pose and bed clothes.” John $ let Sadie have a preview.

While the meal was cooking, Lise worked a jigsaw puzzle. This was a special puzzle from a dear friend who took photos from my blog this year to design the collage. John $ and David were spectators.

Nathaniel pronounced the turkey done.

We enjoyed both the food and the conversation. We were too full for dessert, so we adjourned for several hours. After having the sweets, we sat back and let the words flow. It was a magical time, when family stories and jokes began to flow. Hearty laughter and gentle teasing were most enjoyable.

John $, Lise, John, Nathaniel, and David

For the foodies, we ate turkey, dressing, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, frozen cranberry salad, pumpkin cheesecake, and cranberry mince pie.

We hope everyone had many things to be thankful for this year.

27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

      1. Anne,
        We enjoyed the same exact food at our dinner table. Great minds work together in the kitchen. I am thankful I still know you as my friend.



  1. I so enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures of your Thanksgiving fun. The food looks great, especially intriguing to me the cranberry mince pie. I like mince pie, but haven’t made it in years. This is the first year in many that I haven’t personally cooked anything for Thanksgiving. We went to Connie’s, in Akron, I drove…also for the first time in years that I ventured out on the highways. The drive was uneventful, apparently all of the traffic was somewhere else on I-77 and the Turnpike. Very light traffic all the way, just one Sheriff detected. 🙂

    Our dinner was delicious too, I cleaned my plate! The only thing about not cooking though is there are no leftovers. Carol did give us one of her scrumptious pumpkin pies…and Scott and I ate the whole thing the next day! It was sooo good.


  2. Looks like such a fabulous time. How lucky to have a chef for grandson. I love those family get together where everyone reminisces. Now that mom is gone and we are all so spread out, I often wonder if that will ever happen again.


    1. Those family gatherings happen at funerals now. They are what I call good funerals. The person has lived a good, long life, and people gather to celebrate. My parents’ funerals were like that


  3. More fabulous family time! We went to my brother for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful too. He is a great cook. I had made the stuffing before my kitchen got ripped up so I was able to contribute. Hugs to you all!


  4. What a lovely Thanksgiving dinner! So glad you could all be together! What special memories. Hope we can connect while Lise is still here. Nils and family left around two this afternoon. We also had a wonderful time together! There is nothing ike family time together!!!!



  5. “Turkey pose and bed clothes.” David was clever and that made me smile. I’ve never gotten a turkey ready for a feast and wouldn’t know where to start either. This sounds like a perfect holiday surrounded by family and food – good times to cherish for years to come by living it, re-reading your posts and seeing the pictures and even by working a puzzle of those special memories. You have it all Anne … but then you knew that already. 🙂


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