Neighbor Bob to the Rescue!

John heard an awful noise about 1 a.m. That, coupled with the sound of rushing water, made him and David rush under the house. They couldn’t find a cut-off for the water or electricity to the pump. Son John $pencer helped look, too. Sadie did what she could to help – she barked. In desperation, John called neighbor Bob, who got out of bed and came over. Bob did something with a pressure valve, solving the immediate problem. He then found the emergency cut-off for the pump, so we know where that is the next time we need it. How grateful we are that Bob answered his phone and came to the rescue! We have the best neighbors!

Are you wondering why there are no photographs of our crisis? I slept through it all! I’m here now though, to thank Bob for coming to help us. You are a fantastic friend and neighbor, Bob. God bless you.

29 thoughts on “Neighbor Bob to the Rescue!

  1. Wow – good neighbors are a rare find – Bob is a gem. Crisis averted. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do and I’d be in a major panic who to call … my handyman doesn’t “do weekends” but the plumber does, but still. Wow! I am already concerned about the gutters as our leaves fell very late this year and he is behind doing all his customer’s gutters and we have snow later in the week which will gum up the works.


      1. I just heard from him today – he texted my e-mail and will come Friday – whew! We had 44 mph winds today, so that put him behind a day and we may have snow one day this week, but mild end of the week. I was getting worried – I have ice dams happen when he cleans the gutters, let alone if he didn’t. There is always something to worry about with a house – today I had angst about the wind. We were 45 F this morning and will be in the teens tomorrow morning – would not have looked forward to no heat.


          1. I was worried about those high winds because they predicted a windchill in the teens which we had this morning. We have a warm-up to almost 60 on Saturday – hope you will warm up too.


    1. I wouldn’t normally sleep through an uproar, but I have been sleeping in David’s room while daughter Lise was here. Lise had my room so that she could work at 3 a.m. David’s room is not near the water pipes under the house.

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    1. I’ve had my own crises, so I was happy to miss this one. The crown on my implant fell off three days before Thanksgiving. The dentist glued me back together 24 hours after it came off. One of my hearing aids quit working. I suspect wax is to blame — will find out tomorrow.


  2. I grew up in a plumber’s household. There were many nights the phone went and my dad would head out to help with a water or sewer emergency of some type. Now that we are on a farm I am so glad my dad taught Lar and myself how to fix some of our own emergencies! Last month we even installed a new pump in our well as the old one had decided to go haywire. I am grateful to say we were successful as that is our water source! So glad to hear your water woes turned out okay! And yes….good neighbors are a blessing indeed..


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