Family Time

Two days after Thanksgiving, Lise and I finally walked all the way to the creek. In trying to get good images of our faces, we failed to feature the water. We were happy, though. Sadie was not. We split at the stop sign, John going home with Sadie as we continued to the creek. She repeatedly stopped, pulled back toward us, and whined. Family togetherness was important to her!

Daughter Lise and her nephews loved playing games together. Exploding Kittens was the choice that evening.

All too soon, it was time for the mirror ritual. When Nathaniel is leaving, whoever is around witnesses the lowering. He checked his appearance before the mirror was too low for him to see his face.

I asked for family time before going to church, but John had scheduled a meeting. The boys and I walked around the church property, enjoying being together. Having talked about the sound of crisp autumn leaves, they magnified the experience. What fun!

Before driving Nathaniel back to Charlotte, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants. We enjoyed being together until time to say goodbye at his dorm.

Anne, John, David, Lise, Nathaniel

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