Puddle Tapping

On a day that was not so cold, I took a video of tapping ice. I find it almost irresistible to walk by a frozen puddle if there is white ice on top. Seeing white means there is air between the water and the ice. Tapping the brittle ice makes a crackling sound that is most satisfying. John was standing by, ready to assist. He gallantly offers his arm when the ice is thin, because I would get my foot wet if I lost my balance.

If any of you do this, please let me know. Finding a kindred spirit would be exciting.

25 thoughts on “Puddle Tapping

  1. Ha, that gave me a chuckle! I have never tried them, but good for John for safety first! We did used to “skate” on the frozen stock tanks (Northerners called them “ponds”) on the rare occasions of ice. My sis fell through once, so we never did that again!

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  2. I have tapped ice the way you show and you are lucky to have a hand to hold you steady.
    Mainly I used to go skating a lot, on big ponds and on the sea. Wonderful fun.
    That was back in Sweden. England has a warmer climate.

    Keep crackling. 😊


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    1. I love your word crackling as applied to making noise with puddle ice. You are a kindred spirit with a bit more spirit than I have. You skated on the sea?? That must have been a very cold sport.


  3. We just did that on Friday on our walk. As we did we talked about our dating times when we actually spent several hours breaking ice like that. We were much younger and had very good balance!


  4. The snap, crackle, pop of ice cracking. I see the ice in the street and there are some muddy puddles at the Park that have crispy ice – the park maintenance truck drives around to collect garbage from the cans and leave ruts everywhere. John is ever the gentleman to catch you if you wet your foot while tapping.

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