A Satisfying Snow

Before the snow began on Saturday night, we knew the church building would be closed on Sunday. We could sleep late, those of us not overly eager to see snow falling. I checked once in the wee hours, and our world was already white. That was a sweet sleep for me, knowing the storm had started and everyone was snug in bed.

I took the first video at 8:52.

Sadie seemed to love the snow as much as I did. John $pencer would take her out to play later.

I have often seen birds fly between the bars of the deck, but now I have proof. A song sparrow was feeding on the deck. When I startled him, he flew low enough to knock out a square of snow. I presume his landing gear was still down.

Square lined in green

I wanted a good shot of the snow on the deck.

Upon looking closer, I saw we had a new kind of bird on top of the stand. I labeled the picture Skunk Bird.

Skunk Bird
Striped skunk

While listening to our church service on line, I watched the snow and the birds flying to the feeder. That was double worship for me. John, son $, grandson David, and I spent time together chatting and eating, while I continued to watch the snow. What a satisfying day it was!

36 thoughts on “A Satisfying Snow

  1. Sounds like absolute perfection. I attended a Zoom lecture on birds on Wed and discovered that chickadees’ brains actually get larger in the winter. Isn’t that wild? They think it’s due to their having to remember where they stashed food. Since the memories actually get better, and the brain grows, they are studying the birds to help find solutions for those with Alzheimer’s.

    Totally feel you on that double worship comment. We are a day later than you in our snowfall, but it definitely makes one just stare out in awe of the beauty.

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    1. You get more practice watching snow than I do. I’m happy for you.

      That is amazing about the growth of chickadees’ brains. In NY and here, chickadees were the first to discover our feeding stations. I always thought they were very smart.

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  2. How pretty your snow is Anne. I just read a post from a blogger in Richmond, Virginia and could not believe the damage they sustained from trees falling, breaking in two and losing power for six days from this storm. You were lucky. I love the little passageway for the birds that you showed us.


      1. I ran into snow coming home today – not happy about it as I don’t like to drive in snow … they said flurries by mid-day and it was almost mid-day, but these were monster flakes and the car was covered by the time I got home – took me 3/4s of an hour to get rid of the snow to hook up the trickle charger … not easy as the garage is small and I can only pull in 1/3 of the car, dry it off, pull in another 1/3 of the car, dry it off to dry the entire car off, plus it was slippery. I had intended to get caught up here more – sadly it will not happen tonight as I got here rather late.


          1. I am such a weenie that I don’t go out in the snow because I don’t schedule anything in the Winter. Before COVID, the allergist’s office had walk-in appointments four days a week and once a year you had to go for a yearly check-up (ten minutes tops). But since COVID, you must make an appointment and last year and this year I suspended my appointments – last year we had no vaccine yet and this year I went on 11/22 and had a 12/14 appointment, but called and said I was cancelling all Winter due to Omicron. Our stats are really bad here, still are. We have several teams of Federal workers in since Christmas helping out the staffs of local hospitals (those hospitals are overwhelmed with visitors, staff has COVID and both hospitals are within five miles of me). The car usually doesn’t go out unless it is clear on the road. I figure if I slid into something or someone caused a bad crash, I’d get nothing for my car, with its measly (now) 9,131 miles on it. By keeping your cars outside, you’re more likely to use it more – mine requires pulling it out of the garage and unhooking everything – a good 12-15 minutes going out, then repeat coming in. I don’t have an automatic garage opener and I have to hook it up in the driveway as it’s too tight a squeeze in the garage.


              1. No, not really, especially in Winter. I am aggravated by the tire monitor message as the snow/ice essentially clips my wings in Winter, plus I’m trying not to go anywhere right now due to COVID, so now for sure, I need to curtail any driving longer than a couple of miles (to run the car) until I get the tire monitor fixed … I don’t know what tire and I just had all four replaced two years ago. I go out of my way not to go over railroad tracks and potholes to avoid the issue.

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  3. A ‘snow day’!! That’s a lot of white stuff for N. Carolina, isn’t it?! We had our storm on Monday, the 17th, a real Winter Wonderland, in the calm aftermath! I haven’t been outside for a while, but today finally I did go for a walk with John. I wasn’t feeling well the past couple of days… felt flu-ey. did the rapid test and was negative, yay! Nurse on phone said I should do a test again tomorrow. Will do!


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