Sadie Goes to Washington

Sadie moved to Washington State and was very happy to be in a house with a fenced yard. Probably anything was better than being cooped up in a moving car. A few days later her joy knew no bounds when Rose arrived. Rose rescued Sadie when the dog was a puppy, and their reunion was sweet.

Son John $pencer took a photo of her near the Spokane River.

I enjoyed the snow scenes where Sadie was catching snowballs thrown for her.

She was at peace and ready to rest a bit during a hike near the Canadian border.

33 thoughts on “Sadie Goes to Washington

  1. What a wonderful place for a dog! Sadie obviously knows it ,too. Its also lovely for a dog who can be free to run and enjoy herself. My Bob always had a dog, and enjoyed having the run of the farm.


    1. My dad had hunting dogs, not house pets. I loved having Sadie living with us. Our yard is not fenced, so I would go out with her to verbally keep her within bounds. I’m sure she is enjoying her freedom now. Did you like Bob’s dogs?


      1. Most of them were rescues…one, a German Shepard named Sam, literally arrived in the back of the humane officer’s truck…he said “here’s your dog!” Smoky, another dog, also was rescued from the same truck (or one like it) a few years later. She was a lovely setter-type, Bob always said she was the smartest dog he ever had. Then there was James (Bond,) whose Mom was a single parent who found the puppy on the road somewhere, and took him home. Her little son wanted to keep him, but her apartment had a fee for dog owners…and the boy conceded that the $300 could be better spent on Christmas presents.


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