What’s the Story?

As I reached the creek, I saw three items on the rock.

Zooming in, I took another shot and put the camera back in my pocket. All the way home, I wondered why those items were grouped together.

A woman’s story:

My darling love, I went back to “our” rock where we used to talk for hours by the creek. The gurgling water was the same, but my life has been shattered. Nothing is the same since you left. I sat there, having a pouch drink like we used to. Remember that hot summer day when we moved some big stones to change the music of the stream? They have been scattered. I looked at my feet on this cold day and discovered a heart-shaped rock, worn smooth by the flowing water. Picking it up, I warmed it in my hands as if it were your heart I was massaging. If only I could warm your feelings for me again! I went back to the car and got the lock we found the last day we were here. I took it as a symbol that our lives were going to be locked together forever. I’m leaving a message for you, just in case you come back like I did. The rock is my heart longing to be locked with yours once more. You’ll know it was me because of the drink. I still love you.

A man’s story:

While fishing, I saw a rock and a lock under water. Put them on a big rock. Forgot them and my drink when I left.

34 thoughts on “What’s the Story?

  1. Ha ha – I started scrolling down Reader to find where I left off last night, as I’m quite far behind again and this title caught my eye. I just couldn’t wait the “X” number of days ’til I might make it back here to read it. I think you nailed it on the respective female/male versions. 🙂

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  2. I really enjoyed your little spin on the three found objects — and the realistic contrast. I’m guessing the woman was a writer. I know both men and women who have “no time for fantasies,” who’d do the second one.


  3. Loved the “he said, she said.” I’ve missed you. for some reason your blog has stopped coming and I was afraid you were ill. Then I discovered, it wasn’t you! it was my email. Glad to be back and read. I enjoy your perspective on life and your pleasant lifestyle. “re-following” today


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