Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday usually means a photo replaces words. The wordlessness today took place on our street. By tacit agreement, John and I do not talk until we have climbed the first hill. He has no breath to talk, and I am too busy huffing and puffing. I pulled on his sleeve to let him know a car was approaching behind us. I went to one side and he to the other. Looking back, we saw neighbor Bob grinning behind the steering wheel. He used both hands, motioning us to stay apart until he passed. I was enthusiastically waving him on, all of us laughing. As we moved back together, we saw Logan’s hand waving through the back window. It was just this year that we started the BIG WAVE when Logan is going to school. We flail both our arms wildly until he is out of sight to give him a good sendoff for the day. Silly? Oh, my! Yes! But it is harmless fun.

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Anne, I’m smiling at your send-off to Logan and imagine the lift in his spirits as he heads to school! Hope you both can enjoy a chat as you head down the hill again!😀


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