I was almost to the creek when I noticed how nice my shadow looked. The sun had just come over the mountain, making my silhouette tall and thin. I could adjust to that, even though the truth is far from it. Yes, I would identify as willowy. Just then another shadow from the church drive began to touch mine. Wait! I’m walking alone. Why is there another shadow? Turning my head, I exclaimed, “There’s another shadow! I didn’t see you.”

The man said, “I’m sorry I scared you.”

“You didn’t scare me. I was just surprised.” We wished each other a nice day, and he strode on.

He was carrying a take-out box, and he went into the trailer at the roof-framing place. I decided he had come from J Creek Cafe and was hurrying to eat breakfast before it got cold. By the sound of things, he didn’t share with his yappy dog. I’ve never seen the dog, but it barked as I crossed the road to head home.

My purpose for being there, other than exercise, was to check on the stone heart and lock that had been left by the stream on February 12. They haven’t moved at all! I put today’s date on the photo for easy tracking.

25 thoughts on “Shadowed

      1. Me too. I see fenced in areas, like around schools, or at the Park, that people lock their locks onto the chain-link fence. That must be a “thing” perhaps. I also see different pairs of sneakers hanging on electrical wires by the laces. It must be some lucky toss to get the sneakers up there, suspended by the laces.


  1. Maybe you should put your hearing aids in before your walks!
    I used to get so aggravated at my dad for not doing it first thing, if I texted he didn’t hear it or respond and I’d go rushing to his house, just to find out he was fine, he just didn’t have his “ears” in! 😉

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