A Most Exciting Day for David!

Grandson David knew his day off would be different, because he was slated to run the sound board for the Lenten service. He’d had general instructions and observed a time or so, but there is nothing like sitting in the command seat! He said he made one mistake, but no one in the congregation noticed.

Amy, the music director, was in the choir loft and thought to take a photo and send it to John and David. Wasn’t that thoughtful? I particularly appreciated it.

Earlier in the day we went with David to the Subaru dealer in Asheville, as he began looking for a car to buy. There was nothing that interested him, but he had begun the process. As we drove home, the salesman texted him, asking if he might be interested in a new car that was due to come in soon. David said yes. We hadn’t been home long when word came that the car was delivered and was there on the lot. The fellows went back, planning to see the car and wait for the church service to begin. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Asheville, so they wouldn’t come back home.

David texted me, and I’m sure if there had been wires involved, they would have sizzled. He test drove the car and agreed to buy it!!! On that high, he rushed to church and ran the sound board. His concentration must be superb.

Back of the cashier’s check

Normally he is on a very late schedule, but David got up quite early to go to the bank. His face was all smiles as he held up the cashier’s check.

Next stop was for insurance. His grin was even broader when he knew the car was insured.

At the dealership, he signed papers in the showroom while the car was cleaned and gassed up. After choosing a service agreement, the salesman sat in the car with him, showing him all the bells and whistles. David knows a lot about cars and probably didn’t learn anything new, but they went through the checklist.

They brought a sign out for him to hold, while the salesman and I took a picture. After shaking hands all around, David was left alone with his car for the first time.

I couldn’t see the screen very well in the bright sunlight, but I asked David to pose beside the car. It looks like he took it under his wing.

The last photo at the dealership shows him in the driver’s seat, ready to start the car. I leaned in and said, “Nobody is looking. Hug the steering wheel.” This was a private moment, not to be intruded upon by a camera.

We stopped for a sandwich at Culver’s. Normally David would have loved a milkshake to go, but he wouldn’t take food in the car on its first day. I have a feeling this vehicle is going to stay a lot cleaner than my old car, Snot. After lunch we drove in tandem until David turned off to go to work. I felt sorry for him, having to work a full shift after a very exciting morning.

There is one thing I failed to do. I didn’t lean in the car and get a whiff of that new car smell. I shall do that tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “A Most Exciting Day for David!

    1. The manager of the dealership greeted each of us warmly. I was last, and he jokingly asked if I was there as a financial advisor. I said, “No, I’m here to take pictures.”

      He laughed.


    1. David’s car is brand new, and new cars are hard to find, too. A man ordered this car and perhaps got tired of waiting for it to come. What a blessing it was that the salesman contacted David as soon as the car was unloaded!

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  1. Excitement for David and it shows in his happy grin(s) … from acing the running of the sound board at church to his first brand-new car. It does not get any better than that and he was so lucky to have Amy and his dear grandmother there to take pictures and document it for him.


  2. Safe travels David! Lovely post Anne – sorry about no food in the car as you with yours, Snot. What a lovely if unusual name for a car – got me smiling! Happy smelling and more smiling tomorrow 🙂


    1. When we were buying the Sonata, the salesman said it so fast that it sounded like Snot. When I repeated it to grandsons David and Nathaniel, they pounced on the name with delight. We couldn’t change it then.

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