Lock and Heart-Shaped Rock at the Creek

When John and I walked to the creek on February 12, someone had left a juice pouch, a lock, and a heart-shaped rock high above the water.

Two days later the pouch was gone, but the other items were there in approximately the same position.

On March 3, I took another photo to show nothing had moved. This time I put a date on it.

The next time I went down, the lock had a new position.

Some time between March 10 and 19, both lock and heart were gone.

I’m amazed that the items stayed beside the stream for roughly a month. Granted, the weather was cold and few people were wandering about. How I wish I knew who put them there and who took them away! John’s last time to walk all the way to the creek was the day we found the lock and the heart rock. I think if only the rock was there, I would have brought it home as a memento of our walks to the creek.

29 thoughts on “Lock and Heart-Shaped Rock at the Creek

  1. How interesting a conclusion to the story! Was someone “having fun” with Anne? Forgot where they left the heart rock and lock? Just a random stranger who said “How cool, a heart-shaped rock and a lock. I will take them home and use them in my garden”? I know we will never know (most likely at least) but it was still a nice story. The moral of this story is next time, “pocket the rock and lock.” 🙂


    1. John can’t walk that far right now. It has taken six months to get a diagnosis, and he doesn’t have a treatment plan yet. Supposedly, having injections and/or pills for several months should help a great deal.

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  2. I wish people wouldn’t do things like this. Other people see It and feel it’s ok to leave whatever they want!
    Then you come back in a years time and the place is just littered with people’s junk! We need to keep at least place untouched by us!
    Out in Nature people should leave footprints.


    1. I agree that litter often multiplies, but it doesn’t in that spot. We’ve been walking there for almost eight years, and this is the first time things were left on that rock. Having agreed with all you said, I laughed at your last sentence about only leaving footprints. We have mostly ROCKS on the creek banks, and I’m not good at leaving footprints there.

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