Pleasure Amplified

Grandson David has enjoyed his new car, getting used to the way it handles on the road and exploring the bells and whistles. On David’s first day off after getting it, John went outside with him to admire it and see its special features.

I laughed when he hopped into the back of the car and pointed out how he could transport trains and stow camping gear.

Just then a truck pulled into our driveway, and Shawn, Bob, and Logan hurried to inspect the car with us. They looked at the inside as Bob sat behind the wheel, all the while saying how great the car is.

They even looked under the hood! Bob and Logan searched for the hook release after David popped it open. We all admired the spotless innards, and I noted it was color-coded, as the salesman had said it was.

NOTHING could have added more to David’s pleasure than hearing their enthusiastic comments. They spent quality time rejoicing with him. It was focused, uplifting, and affirming – just perfect!

36 thoughts on “Pleasure Amplified

    1. I just looked at comments, and it seems to show that I am not following you. I could have sworn I’ve communicated with you regularly. I am having a lot of trouble with contacts right now, both here and on my phone. If I have lost you, I’m very sorry. I’ll be looking to solve this.


  1. New cars are great, there’s something joyful about them. Fingers crossed it’ll be months before David finds the first little dent on his. That’s when it all changes…


  2. A young man and his first car is so exciting. I’m sure he was pleased everyone approved of it. I remember when each of my grandsons got their first cars. They couldn´t wait to give me a ride.


  3. I’m glad David had a day off right after getting the new car and everyone gathered around – how proud of himself he must be for this big purchase. My first car, a brand-new, Biscay Blue VW Super Beetle (1973) was parked in the driveway the evening I got it. My father took me to the dealership, then he drove home behind me. We had a late dinner because of going for the car and the phone rang while we were eating. The neighbor across the street. No, he didn’t call to say “congratulations Linda on your first car” … nope, he called to say the car had slid down the driveway and into the street and a red puddle was forming in the street. We had it towed back … the very first night!


      1. Yes, it was horrifying to have it towed the first night … my father I went in his car behind the tow truck and he had a few choice words when we got to the dealership. It was a Monday night so there were potential buyers milling about.


          1. It went downhill from there and I don’t mean backwards from leaking transmission fluid. It had to be babied every time it rained or snowed and my parents bought it new so I didn’t have any car issues they would worry about. Allstate Insurance cancelled my auto club insurance as I got towed so many times when it rained or snowed and the engine got damp.


              1. Yes, it’s entire life, then got a Pacer, which was also a lemon – stalling issues again. Dangerous to drive, so got the Regal in 1988 and it had electrical issues and would suddenly lose power and stop. The other two cars would be idling at the stop light, then just quit or the VW Bug just wouldn’t start if chilly or damp. The VW Super Beetle had a stick shift, but no clutch – they only made it a few years then discontinued it.


                  1. I have to call the mechanic to take my car back if they can get the car lock buttons. They must be part of the computer chip issues … I ordered new door lock buttons for all four doors as only one lock works properly – the other two you can only open from the inside and the driver’s door button pops opens after you put it in gear. It’s a little scary if there was an accident. And the A/C fluid drained out so it might mean a new A/C and the window opens all the way down if you just touch it to get fresh air (because of no A/C). They fixed the latter two things, but they’re still problematic. The car now has 9,179 miles and is 11 years old, so it is staying with me as long as possible.


                    1. Me too! When I was down at the frozen Detroit River, I showed how cold it was and the odometer was 9,099 miles. Fellow blogger Ruth quipped about how long to get to 9,999 miles … could be years! I’ve not even gone 100 miles since that day in mid-January.


                    2. I know! Don’t expect me to be hitting the 5-digit mark anytime soon. This Winter was bad weather-wise and besides not getting out of the garage for a month due to ice and not out of the driveway due to the frozen snow pile from the snowplow, I had a tire pressure issue and have been reluctant to drive it far. I went to a tire dealer as my OnStar report said “fix tire monitor system” and he gave me a thumbs up, a little more pressure … riding on more air than recommended, but he said “don’t let anyone tell you your 11-year-old tires need to be replaced. Nice, honest, family-owned biz but I don’t like that they are inflated more than recommended. I worry about everything. I have to take the care for the A/C and window fix and will ask them what they think. Our potholes are horrible too, so I’ve not gone far since I had the tire pressure checked. Car-swallowing potholes. Hope David is enjoying his car – has he named it?


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