Thrift Shop BonANNEza

I never dreamed of having personal shoppers at a thrift shop, but that is what happened. Those special pickers were none other than our “awn” neighbors Dawn and Shawn.

Dawn knew the thrift store was going to throw out clothing for lack of storage space. She texted me, asking what size top I wore. Shawn joined her, and they picked out things for themselves and ten tops for me! Ten (10)!!!

At Dawn’s suggestion, I’ll donate the ones I can’t use to another shop. According to the label, one was two sizes too large. My friends had good eyes, though, because I squeezed myself into that tank top. By definition, it had no sleeves. I failed the sleeveless scale 30 years ago and won’t try again. One top didn’t look good on me, though it would be great for someone else. The third reject showed dangerous cleavage. I’ll pass this one along to someone who is much more willing to flirt with danger than I am.

The slideshow presents clothes that originally cost more than I would pay, and I am delighted to have them. One still has the original store tag! The photographer, using only one hand, did not do a good job, but you can get an idea of the lovely things Dawn and Shawn chose for me. Thank you very much, dear neighbors.

43 thoughts on “Thrift Shop BonANNEza

  1. Dawn and Shawn might well have a side career in personal shopping if they had any interest. They did a great job. The tops they picked out for you are marvelous – they look great on you!! The tops have the added benefit of reminding you of Dawn and Shawn whenever you wear them. What a blessing!




  2. Beautiful! and how thoughtful. I have a yellow cable knit sweater that I paid $3.00 for at a Salvation Army store, and I have gotten more compliments when wearing it than any other clothing item. My only regret is that I didn’t but it’s green twin. LOL.


      1. I am so happy. You are luck your neighbors found yours surprised lovely things. Really it’s so beautiful all.👌


          1. Yes, we had 40 mph winds today – I went out and ran the car and had a difficult time stand upright – it lessened this afternoon and the snow melted. We have a 13 degree wind chill overnight and in the morning … weatherman says the coldest temps we will have now until next Fall.


              1. We had black ice, wind chill of 13 and snow squalls so I went out this afternoon, but not to the Park and that was no prize walk as it was gusty winds, but I’m behind in my miles.


                1. That’s too bad that you are behind with your miles. I still dutifully record ours, but John had to quit walking to the creek. We hope he will have the definitive biopsy this week so that he can start treatment. His lungs are filling with fluid, so he can’t breathe well enough to walk up the steep hill.


  3. Who doesn’t love a thrift shop? One summer I taught US History from the Civil War to the 1960s. My principal advised me not to bore the students with worksheets. They had failed their class and were repeating it. Every afternoon, I scoured local thrift shops for items to use for the next day. Then I cut and and sewed as needed. I even had props as I taught and used many teaching techniques from the foreign language classroom. It was enjoyable for me! Long live the thrift shops.


      1. Thanks, Anne. To dress like the owner of the Widget Factory, I added suspenders to hold up my husband’s pants and wore his huge shoes. Taped on a mustache and added a beret. The UPS folks gifted me packing peanuts to use in the project. I purchased toothpicks. It was to teach the assembly line in a factory with three different groups. Some designed; some managed and the rest worked the assembly line. I do believe this was the most popular project I selected. They clamored for more, more, more materials. Anne, I told you that I enjoyed myself teaching US history from the Civil War to the 1960s. Pretty soon, all the summer school teachers wanted to see my new costumes. Be well. Winds whipping and snow fell down again last night. oxox


  4. I would treasure friends like that who not only would know what I might like but also what would look good on me. And thrifty to boot! Great share. I like the blue top at the start the best.


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