Superlative Podcasts

I lost contact with Nick when he switched from blogging to pod-casting. I’m thrilled that he contacted me, and I am now back in the loop. If you have ANY interest at all in classical music, please listen to one. Nick talks briefly about a selection and plays it. Instant pleasure! There are usually several in each podcast. There are now almost 40 to choose from, with a new one every week. I love the title, Perfect Pitch.

This is the blurb that appears on the web site: “Perfect Pitch brings you a whole new approach to classical music. For experts and beginners alike, Perfect Pitch is an accessible, relaxed, and informative dive into the best classical works over the centuries and some of the fascinating stories behind the music and their composers.”

It is very easy to access with the link here. Listen with your computer, tablet, or cell phone. If you like what you hear, please share with your relatives and friends. Nick loves to share his passion for music with everyone. He told me this is a mission, not a commercial enterprise. I’d say, “Mission accomplished!”

27 thoughts on “Superlative Podcasts

      1. I am listening while cleaning my room, and I cannot believe how relaxed and stress-free I feel right now. If I take my laptop with me, I might get ever room in the house cleaned!


          1. Thank you–you are incredible! I have done 1 so far, the first one and the last one. I think I will continue that pattern until I am all caught up. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. I am beyond grateful for this very generous post, I do hope I don’t let you all down! If you like it, please do circulate, especially to the sceptics, the young, and any musicians/teachers/professionals. Classical music is for all of us, not all of it; but all of us will find something. Thank you all sooo much, especially Anne, of course!

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