Spell-check Amusement

I was extolling the pleasures of grandparenthood when the spell checker flagged the word “grandparenting”. It suggested I add a hyphen to make it grand-parenting.

The second choice made me laugh. It was “grandpa-renting”.

John has 49 cumulative years of grandpa experience. How much do you think I could get to rent John out as an experienced grandpa???

40 thoughts on “Spell-check Amusement

      1. I have no doubt! It was a fun post but also wonderful that so many serve in mentor roles for those younger. That is how we learn and prosper. Long term research shows one significant person in someone’s life can make a difference no matter what trauma they might have experienced. I can gather that John (nor you) does it for the recognition, but it is still always a nice reminder when we see it to acknowledge it. Thank you John and thank you Anne!

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    1. The spellcheck for my word processor is not set correctly and would flag every single word. I’ve turned it off and depend on checkers for WordPress and email to catch my worst errors. I found grandpa renting most amusing.

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  1. You could rent out both of you and make a fortune … plenty of takers…you’ve done a great job with your own.


  2. This is very funny. I do believe you could rent him out for quite a bit. Any child would be lucky to have him for a grandpa, even if only as a rental!


  3. It’s funny how the placement of commas and hyphens make such a difference doesn’t it. Sometimes in reading the Facebook community forum for our city, people send out a query and two or three sentences – no punctuation. I’m left scratching my head.


      1. I see how people in my City spell when they comment on the City’s neighborhood forum. The grammar. spelling mistakes and lack of punctuation make me shake my head. I know I don’t speak or write with perfect grammar all the time, but some of this is cringeworthy. (And it is not young people … people long out of school.)


          1. It is because some of this stuff is basic. Our City’s school system is not the best. I learned that when I graduated high school and then went to a community college before finishing my last two years at WSU. The Dearborn school system is excellent and they have several high schools. They had read so many classic books, Shakespeare – I soon learned in my literature classes just how bad our school system was.


              1. That’s good – a good teacher makes a difference. I had some awesome elementary teachers while still in Canada. We lost our millage for two years for 10th and 11th grade, so classes were cut to four hours a day and nothing extracurricular. They laid off low-seniority teachers and we often had coaches with high seniority teach us. Seemed silly at the time. We lost everything for two years – no music, drama, arts, sports, clubs, foreign languages, just four subjects and four hours of school. It was bad for students who hoped to get scholarships for some of these amenities.


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