Six Together – Nathaniel’s Celebration Concluded

When it was late, the older generations toddled off to bed as the younger set got out the Checkers board. After lunch the next day, they resumed the Checkers tournament. The game talk was vicious, but they “played nice”.

I wanted a photo of everyone, and they kindly humored me.

It was Sarah’s first time to participate in the mirror ritual. Nathaniel’s putting the mirror up when he comes and down when he leaves will continue as long as we live in this house.

30 thoughts on “Six Together – Nathaniel’s Celebration Concluded

  1. Interesting how Nathaniel and Kate are mirroring each other’s posture. 🙂
    Has Nathaniel had to move the nail up since the ritual started, or was he already at his max height when you moved there? I love family rituals.


    1. The previous owner had a clock hanging on the high nail. We put the lower one there for the mirror. Nathaniel was 14 when we moved here, so he was not at his full height then. He is 6’5″ now.

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  2. Beautiful picture. Nice smile pic for Nathaniel & Kate are mirroring each other’s posture.. Nathaniel hight is good. Nice to play to checkarbord game turnament… Nice


  3. Nathaniel sure is tall – you notice it more when he is standing with others, than just by himself. Hopefully he gets a job close by so the visits, even if they are only 24 hours long, can continue,


          1. Nathaniel does not strike me as shy and seems outgoing. Working in the diner was one of the best things that I could have done as I had been very shy before that. Dealing with customers, about 75% of them from the South, was good for me – brought me out of my shell!


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