My Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day had pleasant surprises, beginning with my discovering Danish daughter Lise had joined my Aura frame and posted several photos. Once she accepted an invitation to the frame, she could post photos from anywhere in the world to display almost instantly on our kitchen counter. Kate, David, Nathaniel, John, and I could see her pictures on our phones, as well.

Lise in Kosovo on our counter

As we pulled into the church parking lot, son John $pencer called to wish me a happy day. It was 7:00 am 2,000 miles away. Rose joined him, and we had a lovely chat. A day or so later $ sent me a photo taken that Sunday when they were hiking.

After church, Kate went up to the choir loft to see David shutting down the sound board he runs for that service.

No one complained about my wanting photos of us.

I particularly like the one with Kate and David, because they bought the balloon for me. It had been a lovely day from start to finish.

19 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

  1. So beautiful sweet smiles pic both of you. What a pretty you, Kate and David with ballon on happy Mother’s day.


  2. Sounds like an amazing Mother’s Day. You have such a great family. I heard from both of my kids too and spent the day with my fur babies who give me lots of love too.


  3. I’m glad you had a great day. Putting photos in that frame thingie for you is a fun way to make sure that she who put the photos there isn’t forgotten by mom.


    1. I have been delighted with the frame. So far I add more photos than the others do, but they look at them! Every month I take off most of the pics and add those from 10, 20, and 30 years ago. In April there were a handful from 60 years ago!

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  4. What a lovely tribute for you! You can see the strong family resemblance in the picture of Kate, David, and you! It is always nice to see you in the photo as well, since you are usually the one behind the camera. You and John look great together!


    1. I do hide behind the camera. I made a 30-second exercise video for daughter Lise, and I didn’t specify no sharing. I hope I don’t come face to face with myself in some unexpected place.

      Do you ever post photos of family? Lots of people don’t.

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      1. I had to laugh at the “face to face with myself in some unexpected place.” I do post photos of family and particularly the old ones, since all of them are deceased. Over the years I posted many family photos, sometimes on this blog and often on first one which was on Blogger.


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