A Satisfying Day

You’d think walking to the creek would be a humdrum event. I found it exceptionally pleasant with daughter Kate for company.

This day Kate spotted an abandoned Easter basket bobbing in the water. Of course, we wondered who lost it and why, knowing it would remain a mystery. A few days later, when John and I went to a meeting at the firehouse, I walked across the parking lot and found the blue basket on the creek bank, a foot or so above the water.

The rain clouds bearing down on us caused a pause for a photo and much faster footsteps to get home.

We took pictures from the overlook on the way to Cataloochee and the six elk we found grazing in the valley.

Grandson David and daughter Kate
Grazing elk in Cataloochee

Kate and David posed in a big barn and sat at desks in the old schoolhouse.

Mother and son requested a picture of them on the bridge in Cataloochee. We all enjoy mountain streams, and I took home five video clips when one should have been enough. I took the one below while standing where Kate and David had been sitting.

We found it very satisfying to wander through the day, enjoying each other’s company.

31 thoughts on “A Satisfying Day

  1. I appreciated and enjoyed this post! I love those cows in the background of the first picture of Kate, and looking at the details in the others as well. I think I did not realize you were so close to town, and love the creek pictures and video. The sound of the water rushing made me want to put that on a loop and just close my eyes. Nothing better than the sound of water flowing over rocks. Happy you had a great day and could enjoy Kate and David.

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    1. Town is over five miles away, but we have a firehouse and a Dollar General store less than a mile away. I’m glad you love the sound of rushing water as much as I do. I used to play a CD with stream sounds. Now I hear it whenever I walk to the creek.


    2. What lovely & beautiful place. I appreciate and enjoyed.so beautiful picture for Kate & Devid. I love the video so sweet sound of water. What a wonderful place you live in. What’s name you live the area. ? Happy you had a great dayand enjoy with Kate & David. Iam so happy. Beautiful picture sitting on the bridge. 👍


    1. Our valley is beautiful, dotted with farms, houses, and a number of businesses on the highway. We took a winding gravel road over the mountains to get to the secluded Cataloochee valley. The tiny village was abandoned when it became part of the park system. A church, a school, and several houses and barns are all that are left. Someone told us it had been a hotbed of rough moonshiners.


  2. Wow! That video is beautiful! Love water sounds. The mountains are gorgeous, too. I like the picture where they’re in the barn- almost looks like a covered bridge.


  3. Sounds like you packed a lot into this week with Kate, then Nathaniel and Sarah. The stream is soothing to listen to so I can see making more than one video. There are some great photos in this blog post Anne.


      1. That’s a nice idea that Lise had with the moveable frame – you can always see your family, though they may be miles away. I rarely looked through my photo albums as they were difficult to get to, but scanning in all the photo albums in 2017 was great … they’re organized by years and trips, but not in a final form as they have to be edited one at a time, especially when the pics could not be removed from the album and the album pages could not be removed. A project to finish when retired – I just tweak as I go along. At least now I can look at them as I put them on a flash drive and online for safekeeping.


          1. I am and when I scanned them in over Thanksgiving 2017 I didn’t realize I’d be using them in blog posts, plus looking at them more often. I have a shoebox of pictures I have to scan of Christmas decorating in the house back in the day.

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