Hit by a Squirrel

How we wished for instant replay! John and I were walking under trees near home when there was a commotion above us. I felt something graze my head, and John said something brushed his leg. CAT was walking with us, and she jumped back. A squirrel hit the road right at John’s feet, instantly scrambling to run in the woods. I wondered if a branch had broken with the squirrel on it, but there was nothing on the road to support that. Both of us are glad the squirrel didn’t land squarely on us and scratch us trying to escape. Speaking from experience, I say this was better than being hit on the head by bird poop.

CAT and John after the squirrel landed among us

30 thoughts on “Hit by a Squirrel

  1. I always imagined that squirrels were large creatures until I saw a small one in Germany. So cute and I am glad they didn’t do too much damage! Drop Squirrels reminds me of the mythical drop bears here!


  2. Beautiful share short story for squirrel. Squirrel is very soft. I caught it’s. Beautiful picture John and cat sitting on the wall. I like.

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  3. I looked up flying squirrel, which we have in the States. The photos look similar, but the flying squirrel is a mammal, whereas the sugar glider is a marsupial. I have never seen a flying squirrel. I should ask people in this area if they’ve ever seen one.

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  4. Now that I think about it I don’t know of anyone who has had a squirrel drop down on them– and considering how many squirrels there are, that seems odd. Glad you’re okay, but an odd thing to happen.


      1. Anne, thank you for such a fascinating comment. A neighborhood cookout! How great that is. What are you in charge of? Nurturing relationships in neighborhoods is so important, I believe. We hope for better weather since it has rained most of yesterday and will continue on and off today. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! oxox


  5. John and I used to invite the neighbors, and the gathering was on our screened porch. After COVID began, people didn’t want to be that close. I think Shawn suggested we meet in the street. That was very successful. She brought out a table, and so did we. Jeff brought his grill and did the cooking. Everyone brought their own drinks, utensils, meat and a dish to share. Once we ended up with two plates of Brownies. NO ONE complained. I’ve started the potato salad (New York deli style) and will make a lemon cake. We’ll take apple chicken sausage to grill and Pepper jack hotdogs to share. Someone usually brings baked beans, and watermelon is often on the table. Everyone will enjoy visiting together. People at the end of the street said we could gather in their garage if it rains. oxox


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