Spring Activities

John and I stay busy, but many of the things we do are not worthy of a blog post. Often neighbor CAT walks with us, and lately she joins John on the retaining wall for a leisurely scratch.

One of the first days we ate breakfast on the porch this season, we had blueberry pancakes. John thought I was just taking a shot of the food, so he sat there quietly, not smiling. I might have done a retake if the pancakes had not been getting cold.

Logan came one afternoon, playing checkers with first John and then grandson David. Three of us also played Set, using real cards instead of doing it online.

Daughter Lise sent a selfie showing her new Danish passport and haircut. From New Jersey, daughter Kate shared her new haircut with us and Lise.


John always notices and comments on the flags the town of Waynesville puts out for Memorial Day. Each flag has a name of a resident who died in war. We’ve seen this done in other towns, too.

This flame azalea, a native of our mountain region, is close to one of the streams near our house. Cultivated azaleas have varied pastel colors, but this local is always a distinctive orange.

David has been running the sound board at church for the late service. The man who taught him that asked him to stay after choir to learn about the organ. We don’t have a substitute organist right now, and our regular one will be out of town one Sunday in June. Using the organ, she recorded the music that will be needed that day. John took this photo of David’s hands on the controls. He will make the organ play the recorded music for the liturgy, as well as all the hymns, at the appropriate time. It would scare me silly to do that, but he said it was easy.

Do you have activities or events that are not worth a blog of their own?

40 thoughts on “Spring Activities

  1. LOL…Yes this would be why I don’t ,or haven’t in along time, done a blog myself. I’m not sure I have even reposted from someone else in awhile. WP changed and I’m not sure I can. I do enjoy your walks and Logan. He is the same age as my first Grandson. They are growing up so fast it is mind boggling.


    1. I follow several blogs with very short pieces of writing for each post. I’ve come to appreciate them, especially when I am short of time. If you have short things, please post them. I will applaud.

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  2. Y’all are so laid back and relaxed! Love the pics, and that David is running the sound board at church! So cool!
    We are still trying to clear out Dad’s house after the estate sale so we can get it cleaned and put it on the market. No holiday trips, no plans for the weekend so far. I guess what happens happens. My friend, Stephanie, had a birthday today and I went shopping for her, Dave is mowing, and then we will probably chill outside and listen to music and enjoy an adult beverage or two. It’s in the 90’s today, but the pool is cold after the front we had and the rain. Hopefully we will be back in it tomorrow 😎
    Enjoy the weekend 😃


  3. What a important for Spring Activity doing both of you. So all pic are lovely. But why John sat a quitly can smiling. The flags with names very touching idea. I like. David is running sound board at church! So cool . Very tasty blueberry pancakes. Nice you doing work. Iam so happy! Beautiful hairstyle look.


    1. I’m almost through with the two-year series of English letters and want to get back in the habit of writing when I feel like it. So you have an easy summer planned?


  4. I suspect you could write about sweeping the floor, or taking out the garbage, and there would be a takeaway for most who read it that is joyful. You have a way of helping us look at life as it was designed, radiant in the midst of the everyday.

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  5. Anne, it’s in those little moments that there is so much to write about! Looking at your photos I am taken by the concentration of the two playing the game, the pancakes sound delicious and the memorial flags are an emotional sight. The organ looks fantastic and I know my son would love to try to play something like that … very different from a piano, however! Wishing you a very special weekend. xx


  6. I love the new hairdos that both of the girls are sporting. My dogs do cute things every day but I don’t think anyone else would like to read about it. I may write something up with a few pictures about them soon. (We enjoy blueberry pancakes on the deck as well.)


  7. Had I not moved which created a lot of chaos in my life, I’d be totally out of post material. However, I don’t recommend it. It’s not good for your health (but great for your blog!). I love your family posts. I feel I know everyone well. It’s interesting to see how Logan is growing and what a kind person David is. I love Nathaniel’s food creations and your daughters too. I can always depend on smiling when I read your posts.


  8. Most of my life is not worthy of blog posts! Like you I’m busy but I don’t often share all that I’m doing. I realize it might make a reader think I’m sitting at home twiddling my thumbs all day, but so be it. I write when the muse moves me.


  9. Well, I’m trying to stick with my 2X per week posts and wonder how I used to do 4X a week, but then I only had one or two pictures. I’ve only been doing the longer posts the last four or five years. This weekend, I went to several large parks and some smaller parks and my regular park – the weather was nice except today was very hot. I took a lot of photos and since it was too hot to work outside and I decided to just be lazy, I sorted out all those photos – enough for posts until August. The weather is so crazy and unpredictable and I have big yardwork to do once it cools off a little, so I thought I’d get while the gettin’ was good.

    I have occasionally written if something happens that day or around that day that is out of the ordinary, like the dog rescued from the ice, or the duckling rescue or a squirrel chewing the phone line for the second year in a row. I try not to stray from my regular schedule too much.

    The haircuts look nice on both Lise and Kate. I have not had a professional haircut since October 2019 – been cutting mine off, but I am no hair stylist and all the layers are gone now. Just being cautious due to COVID – every time it seems it is safe to go, another wave comes along, so I do it myself … for now anyway.


          1. Like you, I don’t want to just “like” and not read, especially with blogs that are about people and their families, life, etc. Then they’d refer to it again and you don’t know what they’re referencing.

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  10. I’m working on a hodge podge post right now Anne even though some topics could be a post of their own there isn’t always enough time to do each as an individual post. My sister has several of the flame azalea bushes on their place. They were blossoming while I was there. She was marking them so they don’t accidently get taken down if they clear some more trails on their property.


  11. We have a nephew in CT who is the sound/video Engineer for his church. Each day at noon in our quiet village the chimes resonate from the Bell Tower of the local Methodist church. We need an east wind to hear it as it’s 3 miles away.


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