I Left Myself Behind

After unsavory characters quit visiting our neighborhood, I left the surveillance cam hooked up. Mostly I see us going out to walk. It’s useful to check if the mail has been delivered or a package has come. I don’t always look at the line of first frames on the phone, but was I glad I did this day!! I saw that I left myself behind.

If you watch the clip, I have questions for you. Did I leave myself behind, or did I get ahead of myself? Does it make a difference? I’d love to know your thoughts.

34 thoughts on “I Left Myself Behind

  1. You are hilarious! Your body language was funny, and then leaving yourself behind, but I think you only left yourself behind because you walked off and left yourself! How is that for skating on the edge? Either way, it was your sense of humor showing up! Here’s to a good day for us all!

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    1. Yes, I heard that expression, too. I think it was attributed to the Amish by the people who used it around me. They may not have been correct. I’m just thinking that the video showed me in two places at once!!!


  2. Beautiful clip. So funny. I hope you having an out body experience. Your body language funny. You and then leaving yourself behind but I think left side yourself behind and walked off left side 👍 Have a good day


  3. We have some of those security cams and I have never seen it do such a thing as this. That is freaky. It is like for a moment you left a part of your spirit at the door before it caught up with yourself again, Anne! How fun!


  4. Anne, interesting post. Almost as if it had been edited and not done well. A camera glitch? Now there are two of you and then one disappeared. Is it connected to power or battery operated? I am curious to know. oxox


      1. Power surge? Divine intervention? We used to have 2 min. power outages which meant resetting all the clocks. You could always phone or write the manufacturer regarding this. Sorry. I don’t know much more to help. oxox


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