Choo Choo John — Word Quilt

My greatly-loved Uncle John died June 11. Almost a full month ago, and I’m still reeling a bit. Many of you already knew that he died since you follow my amazing Aunt Anne’s blog — Mehrling Muse – Life in the Mountains. I haven’t written because I felt it was her right to share first.…

Choo Choo John — Word Quilt

13 thoughts on “Choo Choo John — Word Quilt

    1. I think Logan is handling his loss well. His parents are very supportive. As his dad said, John was a grandfather to Logan. He came over to play games with Lise and me today. She taught him a new game — DOS — and he caught on quickly. He is very bright.

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      1. I still remember losing my neighbor when I was 9. She was a grandmother figure to me and it hit me very hard. I wish I had had the support available to Logan. No one seemed to understand that she was more than “just a neighbor” to me.

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  1. So lovely… I saw this on Chrissie’s blog. I’m sorry I’ll never get to meet John, but I think I’ve got an excellent feeling for him from Chrissie’s writing and your own, Anne!


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