Race in the Supermarket

Daughter Lise and I bought doughnuts, then went in the supermarket to pick up a few items. Being aware of the hot sun beating down on the car, we hurried up and down the aisles to save the sweets. As we turned a corner, I realized I had the advantage and walked as fast as I could to get ahead of Lise. She commented on my speed and closed the distance. The race was on. She was handicapped by the small cart, so I tried not to dart around elderly people. The paper aisle was free, and we both went at top speed to pick up tissues. No one else was in the frozen food aisle. We looked like a couple of goons, going as fast as we could without trotting, giggling the whole time.

We were a bit more sedate when porch-sitting with neighbors, without lessening the fun. I forgot to take a photo when neighbor Joyce came to our back porch. I did get one at Holly’s house. Shawn is not elusive, but I failed to catch her.

Note Macy, the dog, posing on the floor.

25 thoughts on “Race in the Supermarket

      1. We’ve had a heat wave – it is 90 for the third or fourth day and not letting up until Monday. We will have a humdinger of a storm this weekend which will break the heat. We are still not as bad as some in the U.S. though and have AC so I try not to complain.

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