Memorial Service and Family Time


The trip from Massachusetts to North Carolina went amazingly well. Chris and I weren’t sure how it would go. We knew we wanted to avoid traffic so we decided to drive through the night. Uncle John had always said that was the best time to travel, too, so I felt that approval right from the get-go. Gotta tell you — the views were not bad. We were in the hills of PA when the sun dipped down for the night….

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16 thoughts on “Memorial Service and Family Time

  1. Anne, thank you so much for sharing the link to Chrissie’s post. That brought another aspect of John to life for me. The train photo (gotta get there on a fast train) was so fitting, and the memorial of John’s life and his smiling picture were so touching. I thought of our recent conversation about smiling and just got kind of choked up. It was a precious and beautiful reminder about the importance of relationships as we navigate this world that does not make it easy, yet so many of the people in it do.

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  2. This was very nice – Chrissie is a wonderful writer.
    I tried to submit a comment on Chrissie’s blog post, but it evidently did not take. Pushing “send” a second time, I was warned it was a duplicate comment, so I will have to post my comment to Chrissie here instead as my comment is in cyberspace.

    To Chrissie: This was a wonderful account of John’s memorial service and his life. Thank you for posting the memorial handout so we could read about John’s life, words and accomplishments as well. I have long told Anne that for me, a person with no family members, I am envious for those good times spent with her immediate family, but now I can say the same as to her extended family as well. Your love for John shines brightly in this post.

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    1. Apologies for that. I have my setting set to moderate comments from people unless I’ve approved them in the past. Your comment now shows on my site 😀

      I’m so glad you enjoyed learning more about him. Our family is a gift I don’t take for granted. I hope you find that love with chosen friend/family people.

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      1. No problem Chrissie – it did not show moderation and just kind of “hung there” – glad you got it. John was very special. I enjoyed knowing him through Anne and e-mails we sent to each other and I wish I could have met him in person.

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