If Only John Could See Me Now!

Daughter Lise has worked her way through most of the boxes that were tucked away in the house. Many were never opened from the last move eight years ago, and some were even older. Now John was not a pack rat, but he did have a historian’s mania for preserving things. Lise found a treasure trove of T-shirts from the train clubs he belonged to. Two from Long Island celebrated the 45th and 50th anniversaries of the club. They fit me, and I am wearing them proudly!!! Perhaps John was planning to wear one for the 60th year celebration, but I suspect he had totally forgotten about them.

I have been keenly aware of our lifetime supply of hand soap refill jugs. Evidently a gallon lasted us a full year. We moved eight (8!!!) gallons down, and the last one is half empty. John and I laughed about it frequently. I presume he bought a jug every time it went on sale at Costco and tucked it away in a different place each time. Since I spoke of that, Lise assures me we have an overabundance of Scotch tape, small note pads given away by charities, and free ballpoint pens. Does anyone else have a lifetime supply of a product? I would appreciate some company here.

34 thoughts on “If Only John Could See Me Now!

  1. You look great in that T-shirt! John is pleased you are making use of it. I have a lot of pens and bookmarks but we got rid of all our lifetime supply of things when we moved to Spain.


  2. When my mother died we found 50 lbs. of 5 lb. sugar packs in big metal bins (like the old Charlie Chip cans) up in her attic. She wasn’t doing much baking by then but she didn’t want to run out! Sounds like you will have to be around for a long time to use up all that soap! I just bought some at Costco and when I put it away, I realized I have at least a 3 year supply. I though that was bad!


  3. You are rocking that train t-shirt—“like a boogie-woogie choo-choo train!”

    Oh, yes, you are in lots of company! But, I am working on my pile of stashes. I had a gazillion post it notes, pens, and a variety of other small items like jump drives, mini staplers, etc. from social work conferences. I have so many souvenir tins from places I have visited, I really had to start giving them away, putting them in the recycle bin, or if in decent shape, giving it away. I would stash small items in them…and then forget that there was anything in it.

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  4. How fun to discover this cache of train club shirts – yes, wear them proudly. John is probably looking down smiling. Maybe look for another conductor’s cap. I can’t think of anything for myself right now, except Blistex lip balm. I wore it all the time, all year around, with its high SPF factor. It was soft and wore down quickly, so I always had a lot here at the house so I didn’t run out … however, I’ve worn a mask ever time I walked out of the house since the beginning of COVID (being overly careful). So right now I have about 35 Blistex tubes – they’ll last the rest of my life for goodness sake.


  5. I grew up with a dad who stockpiled non-perishables and dry goods. My folks weren’t preppers but we were a family of seven and I remember mom saying there was nothing worse than having to run to town for toilet paper or some grocery items needed quickly. We shopped once a month in the next big city, an hour away. I grew up keeping plenty of everything on hand! It’s worked well for me with as much entertaining as we do here!

    Enjoy those t-shirts. They’ve been the rage for a long time and continue to be so with young people. I know of many people who frequent the thrift stores to nab cool-looking t-shirts. Forrest has some vintage ones from 70’s rock concerts. I really need to get those out and utilize them!

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  6. You look great! We do have a lifetime supply story. If I’m getting this story right, my father-in-law was at the horse races one day for some reason. Some company had an overstock of something and was giving their inventory away. Dad brought home a treasure trove of Bic razors. Chris had been using them years before we started dating, and now we have been married 30 years and shared with our kids, and the end is not in site. I will not be going to the grave with hairy legs, I think. lol

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  7. I love this. I relate to this. We have a lifetime supply of pads of paper, something I tend to overbuy because… paper with lines is the best. My husband, on the other hand, cannot sleep without about 10 bottles of Lime-A-Way in the house. Hard water isn’t going to get the best of him.


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