Lise Put Me on the Bus!

Daughter Lise found Haywood Transit and signed me up. It is a service for seniors who need rides. We assumed it was for getting to and from doctor’s appointments, but the woman said, “You can go out to lunch if you want to! Meet a friend and go to the movies!”

A ride in Haywood County costs $3 one way. It’s $6 to Sylva or Asheville. I must call two days ahead for an in-county ride and three for a neighboring county. I had an appointment, made a year ago, with the oncologist in Asheville. David would need sleep after closing at work, and Lise would be packing to go back to Denmark. I booked the ride ahead of time and was ready at 9 am when the bus pulled into our driveway.

When the nurse escorted me to the examining room, I told her it was my first time to come by bus and that my daughter took a photo, just as I had always done for her on the first day of school. She told the PA, who also shared it with the doctor. I whipped out my phone and showed them. They laughed heartily and shared my amusement.

I walked outside, called the transit office, and was told the bus would be back for me in just a few minutes. The other woman who had ridden in with me wouldn’t be ready for another hour and a half, so the driver took me straight home and went back for her. This adventure was great fun. The bus seats were higher than a car, and the windows were huge. It was a good thing I was required to use a seat belt, because I might have slipped off the smooth seat when going around a curve.

36 thoughts on “Lise Put Me on the Bus!

  1. As always, you just look gorgeous and with that beautiful smile! It just makes me smile to see you. They had a senior bus service like this in my home town, and Mom rode it for a while. She would go get her hair done, or to Walmart. I loved it when the University-town created the bus system here and I took it most days.

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    1. Good bus service for senior. So pretty look with sweet smile you make me happy. Second pic on way bus door opened for you. I hope you got good news at doctor. I wished ! God blessing. 🙏!

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  2. This bus service is fabulous and perfect for you. Glad Lise set it up for you. My mom used something similar. Love love the picture of you getting on the bus. I hope Lise had a good trip back to Denmark.

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  3. It’s wonderful to have that service. Locally we have something similar but it’s not so timely. If you have an appointment they may drop you off an hour early and you may have to wait an hour or two until they pick you up. Even with that, it’s a great service if you need it. You look like you lost weight! Hugs to Lise. Hopefully her travels will be uneventful.


    1. I was an hour early for my appointment, but I read blogs and played games on my phone.

      I’ve been losing a little weight for the last year or so. For me it’s mainly eating only when I’m hungry and controlling portion size. I’m not going to brag, though. I might find out there is some insidious disease slowly eating away at me.

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  4. It’s great hearing about your adventures and your “first day on the bus.” I was thinking about that just this morning, remembering what mixed emotions I had when the first and the youngest child climbed up the stairs onto the school bus. Now that we are seniors, discovering successful benefits is a treasure. Scott has recently started the day program at the county disabilities program. He started with the program when he was three years old, he will be 60 this coming January. The school bus picks him up in the morning, and the first few days I waited for the bus, and stood outside and waved. I swear it was the same lump in my throat as always on the “first day.”


        1. The retina acted up twice, so I’m back to having injections every 6 weeks instead of 8. I’ll wait until things settle down to get glasses. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to read ordinary things, but I’m coping. There are many things that are far worse.

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