Lise’s Last Days Here

Daughter Lise and I had errands to run the day before she left. What better way to start the eating day than getting a sandwich from Burger King? This was a treat, the only time we went out for breakfast. David handed us our bag with a smile.

Her flight didn’t leave until 20:00, so we had lunch at Watami Noodle in town. While waiting with her in the airport, David fixed her shoelace.

She was told to be in the terminal three hours before departure, which seemed excessive to us. We chatted and played a few word games until she went to her gate. As usual, I dreaded her leaving ahead of time, days three and four to be exact. I was sad and a little depressed. As David and I left the airport, I realized I was too tired to be sad. I would just remember all the things Lise accomplished and the great pleasure we had in being together.

30 thoughts on “Lise’s Last Days Here

  1. It’s always hard to say goodbye to those you love. Dan’s kids all live out of state. He gets sad when they leave too especially since they are not in driving distance so it’s usually a long time until we see them again.


  2. You have an amazing family, how could you not be sad? Bittersweet. Two of my children left Pennsylvania for opposite parts of the country to follow their dreams. I cried in two airports that summer. and yet much to celebrate, for you and them and us. The gifts of humor and love rain and reign in your lives. Thank you for sharing the journey. Best and blessings to you. Michele


    1. It’s sad to see children leave for distant places, but aren’t we blessed to have cell phones? We can chat, exchange photos, and see each other with streaming video. Lise took me on a tour of her flat before she made major renovations last year.


  3. I know it’s hard to say goodbye but your face smile. Thank you for sharing the journey. Best and blessings to you. Very nice pic for David handed us our bag with a smile. And other pics good. I like .


  4. Her being her is certainly something to be grateful for and you had such good times together but it’s hard not to miss her and be a little sad that she is gone. In fact, I would wonder about you if you weren’t a bit sad.


  5. I am so glad your daughter could come and stay with you for a while. It is always tough when the ones you love leave and you know you will not get to see them for a while.


  6. Thank goodness Lise was able to pick up and get here to help smooth things over and be invaluable to you. She had just come off a brief vacation if I recall correctly, so she had to shift gears quickly. Will Lise, Kate or $ be returning for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Happily Nathaniel and Sarah live closer and will no doubt be there … something for you and David to look forward to.


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