Goofy Goon Escapes her Geeper

Lise changed the spelling of Keeper to Geeper, fitting for a keeper of a Goon. She is back in Denmark, but she would have kept me away from the kitchen if she had known what would happen. I had punctured the yolk and covered the dish, but the egg exploded with a loud bang anyway. This could not be classed as dangerous, however the inside of the microwave was a MESS! Climbing on a stool, I cleaned it thoroughly. I cooked another egg successfully and put the bits left in the first dish on top of the good egg. I added this photo of the exploded egg onto the Aura frame, so David saw it before he reached the kitchen and knew his breakfast was going to be goofy.

I promised myself, and maybe Lise too, that I wouldn’t do anything dangerous in the garden. I have a tendency to work too long, instead of doing one project and quitting after 15 – 20 minutes. Without paying attention to balancing on uneven ground, I have almost fallen several times. I had my phone in a pocket, a cane in the vicinity, and an awareness of what I was doing. Success! There was no before photo, but here is the after one with the debris scattered over the path. All the pools of the waterfall were exposed for the first time in two or three years. John had been either too busy doing other things or not well enough to try to fix the leak. The question is should I attempt to fix it or just remove it?

David and I both had haircuts today. I thought you might like to see us transformed into fairly normal-looking people. You never know when the goofiness is going to surface, because David has the goofy genes in his DNA.

28 thoughts on “Goofy Goon Escapes her Geeper

  1. Nice change the spell. Lise go back to Denmark. You cook egg the exploded. I saw the pic it’s the egg exploded wit a loud bang away. But you second time success. Beautiful look haircut pic.


  2. Now that’s a garden project. If you love the sound and the look you can fix it, but if the upkeep is difficult, you probably have better things to spend your time on. 🙂 Exploding eggs are really loud!


  3. Anne, I love the post. Exploding egg and all. Things happen in life! You solved the issue! Outside too. I am impressed. I had been meaning to ask about your daughter in Denmark. So happy you have family to visit. Haircuts look splendid too! Be well and enjoy the weekend! oxox


  4. I gave my microwave to Marge after I saw a huge black spider running across the top of it – it was downstairs. I don’t know if upstairs needs heavy duty wiring to get another microwave. Years ago I had a gizmo to make four eggs at once in the microwave – soft-boiled or hard-boiled. I did not get the lid on correctly. The gizmo was shaped like a big egg – it was metal inside – the lid flew off and there was little bits of egg plastered all over the microwave – what a mess!


      1. Yes, it is. Right after we got the microwave, a friend of the family (man) got a microwave and put a bowl with a metallic rim around it in the microwave and blew the microwave’s door off. My mom was reluctant to get a microwave, believing them dangerous, but I persevered. I’m glad he didn’t do that before I bought it since my mom already had reservations about them.

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