Walking with Logan before School

I walked a little earlier than usual, hoping to see Logan (12). If he is not late and it’s safe, Shawn or Bob stop their car to say good morning. I wanted to see Logan’s haircut, since he mentioned when he brought over a treat last night that his mother was going to cut his hair. As I walked in front of neighbor Joyce’s house, I heard running footsteps behind me. Logan caught up quickly and walked with me. His hair had been cut, and it looked very nice. I’ll bet Shawn is much quicker than I was when I cut son John $pencer’s hair.

Logan spoke of having gone to bed early last night because he was tired. He listed all his routine tasks for morning – getting dressed, brushing his teeth, making up his bed, letting the dogs out, and feeding them, and packing his lunch. I don’t remember that he mentioned breakfast, but I probably missed it in the fast chatter. That led to his favorite lunch right now, peanut butter and honey. As we passed jewel weed bushes, he said neighbors Lisa and Harmony used a spray made with jewel weed on his poison ivy. It was effective. Soccer is a favorite sport, the one he preferred above track and field this year. He mentioned how much you run. I think he said the average amount could be six miles in a game. He noticed paw prints in dried mud and thinks they were probably made by a dog. Perhaps he and I wished to see bear prints. Several nights ago a bear roamed around our street, going on neighbors’ porches and helping himself to birdseed and sugar water from the hummingbird feeders. Our conversation ended quickly as Bob stopped the truck for him to hop in and go on to school.

Can you think of a nicer way to start a day? I enjoyed every minute.

17 thoughts on “Walking with Logan before School

  1. Bless Logan’s heart. I am so glad he is there for you. Around here people make jewel weed soap and yes it does work. Be careful on your walks….don’t meet up with any bears.


  2. So excited moment’. You walked earlier morning then you see logan. Logan Caught up the hand and walk with you. His hair cut is nice. Be careful on your walk… I start everyday walking and I usually meet me my friend.


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